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How to make a quiz

To start, you will need to decide what type of quiz you would like to make and draft some questions. With FlexiQuiz, you can build any type of quizzes such as a zoom game, pub quiz, test for school, pre-employment test, end of year examinations, or more.

You can quickly make an online quiz with FlexiQuiz.

Let's start...

  1. To create your first quiz, press the blue Create Quiz button Create quiz button on dashboard
  2. Next, give a name, and press Create quiz. Quiz name placeholder

You will be taken directly to the editor screen to add your content.


  1. Choose what type of page and item you want to add. Your options are:
    • Welcome page: This is a page at the start of your quiz to provide the user with key information about the test.
    • Question item:
    • Text/ media: A section where you can add content and scoring is not applied.
    • Thank you, page The last page on a quiz allows you to provide a custom thank you to users and an outline of the next steps.
  2. To add your first question, press the blue Add item button and choose Question from the drop-down menu. Button to choose assessment page type
  3. Select your question type from the drop-down menu. List of quiz question types
  4. Add your question, statement, or challenge to the Question box. Highlighting question box
  5. • Paid plan customers can also add images, audio, or videos.
  6. Next to Options share the correct answer so that the FlexiQuiz system can auto mark your question. This image shows an example of a single choice answer option. answer options with correct response highlighted
  7. Set how many points you want to award for correct responses. You can award points in the following ways:
    • Points award for getting the whole question correct.
    • Points per answer option.
    • Negative points for getting the question wrong.
  8. Finish formatting your quiz. Your options are:
    • Required: Test-takers need to respond before moving to the next page or submitting the quiz.
  9. When you are happy with the question, press Save
  10. The question is added to your quiz.
  11. Follow steps 2 to 8 to add more questions to your quiz.


  1. Choose the Configure tab to style and customize your quiz.
  2. Pick from a full range of configuration options, categorized by topic for easy reference. Exam configuration screen

Learn more about our vast range of configuration options.

Preview your quiz

View how your quiz looks and works to test-takers by pressing the preview icon on the top right.

You can return to the Create or Configure tabs if you would like to make some further changes to your quiz.

Arrow to preview quiz button


The quiz status is set to 'In design', which means that the quiz is still in progress and test-takers cannot access your content.

  1. Open your quiz by pressing the blue Publish Quiz button. Pressing blue publish button
  2. Choose how you would like to distribute your quiz to test-takers by ticking the relevant box.

    We offer a choice of ways to share your test depending on your requirements and objectives.

    Learn more about the ways to you can share your quiz to find the best option for you.

Congratulations, your first quiz is now ready for people to complete!


Once you have shared your quiz, you can view responses on the Analyze screen.

  1. Choose the Analyze tab.

    It takes you to your analyze dashboard.

    analyze exam results dashboard
  2. Choose what type of report you would like to view.
  3. If all responses are not showing on your dashboard, press the 'Include unsubmitted quizzes' toggle, and a list of test-takers in progress will appear.

Happy quiz making!

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