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Assigning quizzes, courses and tests

The assign quizzes distribution option allows you to share quizzes with users who have a Respondent, Trainer, or Admin account to complete as a test taker. You're able to assign the quizzes to individual users or those who are part of a group.

Once the quiz is assigned and published, it shows on the users FlexiQuiz account that they can access by logging in with their unique username and password. The quiz taker can complete the test based on the rules you've created. For example, maximum test attempts or dates the examination can be accessed.

The key benefits of assigning quizzes to a respondent account are:

  • If the quiz taker loses their internet connection, their answers are saved, and they can log back in to complete the test.
  • Once set-up, it's quick and easy to assign regular tests without the need for the student to register every time.

This guide will show you how to assign online tests to users from your Publish screen.

How to assign your online quiz to a user

  1. Create and configure your online quiz, test or course
  2. Go to the Publish screen
  3. Press Publish Quiz
  4. Scroll down the page and check Assign users/ groups

    You have four options:

    • Create New User
    • Assign Users
    • Create New Group
    • Assign Groups
  5. Press the green Assign Users button

    If you have not created the users account, please see the creating a Respondent account guide.

    A pop-up will appear with the heading Select users to assign.

    The Available box lists all user accounts associated with your organizations' main account.

  6. Click on the Available box and highlight users who you'd like to assign to your quiz.
  7. Press >>

    The user will move from the Available to the Assigned box.

    how to assign users
  8. Repeat the process to assign the quiz to all the relevant user accounts
  9. Press Save

    The quiz can be accessed from the user's account when the examination is open.

  10. When you're ready to open the quiz, press Publish or schedule the open and close times.

You can track the quiz taker's responses on the analyze screen. The respondent's username is listed on the email column. If you select include unsubmitted quizzes, you can see if the respondent has started the online test.

Removing users from the quiz

You can unassign users from your examination at any time.

  1. Go to the Publish screen and scroll down the page to Assign Users/ Groups
  2. Press Assign Users in the Assigned box, highlight the user that you would like to remove.
  3. Press <<

The user will no longer be able to access your FlexiQuiz content. If the user has already completed the quiz, the results will be saved on your Analyze dashboard.

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