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Assigning quizzes to learner portals

You can assign quizzes and learning materials to Respondent, Trainer and Administrator portals associated with your main account.

The portals are a central hub for learners to engage with your LMS, track their progress and participate in educational activities.

This guide shows you the various ways that you can assign a quiz or learning activity to a user's portal.

#1. Assign a quiz from the publish screen

  1. To start, build your quiz or other learning material.
  2. Once you are ready to share your quiz, go to the Publish tab.
  3. If you want the learner to be able to access your quiz immediately, change the quiz status to Open. To open the quiz, press Publish Quiz.
  4. Next, scroll down the screen and tick the box Assign Users/Groups.
  5. Press the green Assign Users button and a window will pop up that lists all users associated with your FlexiQuiz account. The Available column shows all users who are not assigned to the quiz. The Assigned column shows all users assigned to the quiz.
  6. To assign learners to the quiz, go to the Available column and scroll down to find the relevant user. Click on and highlight the user.
  7. Now press >> and the user will move from the Available to Assigned column.
  8. You can repeat this process to assign the quiz to multiple users.
  9. Once you have assigned all the required users, press Save. Learners can instantly access your open quiz from their portal. Place to assign users to a quiz on the FlexiQuiz LMS publish screen

#2. Assign a quiz from the learner’s profile page

  1. Create and publish the quiz or learning activity that you would like to share.
  2. Select Users from the top menu to access your user’s dashboard.
  3. Locate the learner to whom you want to assign the quiz and click on their name to open their user profile.
  4. Scroll down their profile to Assigned quizzes. Any quizzes already assigned are listed.
  5. To assign a new quiz, press the green Assign Quizzes button.
  6. A window will pop up that lists all quizzes associated with your account. The Available column lists all quizzes that are not assigned to this user. The Assigned column lists all quizzes already assigned to this user.
  7. Scroll down the Available list to find the quiz you want to assign. Click on the quiz and press >>.
  8. The quiz will move from the Available to Assigned column. You can repeat this process to assign more quizzes to the user.
  9. When you have assigned the relevant quizzes, click OK. The user can access all open quizzes immediately on their Respondent portal.
Place to assign a quiz to a learner portal on the FlexiQuiz LMS user screen

#3. Assign a quiz using our APIs

Enterprise and Enterprise+ customers can use our APIs to assign quizzes to Respondent portals.

Please view our assigning quizzes API document for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unassign a quiz from the user?

Yes, you can unassign a quiz through the user's profile page or the publish screen. This is how to unassign a quiz from the Publish screen:

  1. Click Assign Users and a new window will pop up.
  2. From the Assigned column, find and highlight the quiz.
  3. Now press The user will move from the Assigned to the Available column.

When you unassign a user from a quiz, the Respondent can no longer access the quiz or any results from their portal.

The FlexiQuiz system saves any results so that you can access them on your Analyze screen or the user's Results' screen.

If you assign the quiz back to the user, the system includes any previous data, such as the number of quiz attempts.

To reset quiz attempts and delete any data associated with the user, you must delete their results from the analyze screen.

  1. From the analyze screen, press select action and choose delete from the drop-down menu.
  2. A pop-up will appear to confirm that you want to delete the user's response and all associated data.

Can I share an automated email notification when a user portal is assigned a quiz?

It is currently not possible to send an automated email from FlexiQuiz when a quiz is assigned.

However, you can use email reminders to send a custom email to remind people to complete a quiz.

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