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Creating a MCQ test that has one or more responses

The FlexiQuiz multiple choice (check box) question type allows test-takers to select one or more answers from a list of options. Students choose the correct answers by checking the square boxes next to each relevant answer option.

Multiple choice, multi-response is great when there is more than one correct answer. You can tell students how many rights answers to find or make it more challenging by letting them work it out.

This image shows an example multiple choice (check box) question with the correct options ticked by the test-taker.

example multiple choice question

Important! If you want to allow test-takers only to select one answer option, you need to use the single choice question type.

This guide shows you how to create a multiple-choice (multiple responses) question with the appropriate scoring option.

How to generate a multiple-choice question

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account.
  2. Create a new quiz or edit an existing test.
  3. Press Add Item and choose Question from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next to Question Type, press the down arrow and select Multiple Choice.
  5. Add your quiz question in the Question box - this can include text, images, video, tables, or audio.
  6. Add your answer options in the Options boxes - it's one option per box.
  7. Press Add Option to add more option boxes.
  8. Choose how you would like to score your quiz.

    There are three scoring options for multiple-choice questions. This quiz will be auto-scored and graded based on how you customize the scoring.

    i. All or nothing.

    Students will get the points when they correctly identify all the correct responses and don't check the box for a wrong option.

    Here's an example of a MCQ question set up with all or nothing scoring. The correct box has a tick next to the right answer options: A and C. Students need to select all the correct options to earn 2 points.

    • If a student selects options A and C, they receive 2 points.
    • If a student selects options A, B, C, and D, they get 0 points.
    • If a student selects options A and B, they receive 0 points.
    MCQ question creator template

    Top tip! By using this scoring method, it prevents students from earning points if they select all answer options.

    ii. Set option points - per response.

    Students are awarded points for each correct option they select.

    This option works well when you want to award students for each part of the answer that is correctly selected. However, students will not be penalized if they choose the wrong option.

    iii. Set option points - plus and minus.

    Students are awarded points for choosing the correct answer option and deducted points if they select the wrong choice.

    This image shows a multiple-choice question with scoring using set option points. Students get one point for the right answer and minus one point for selecting the wrong opinion.

    mcq question template with negative scoring
  9. Once your scoring is set, you can format your quiz questions. Your formatting options are:
    • Randomize answer options: The FlexiQuiz system will shuffle the answer options every time someone looks at the question. The feature can help prevent cheating and saves you having to place your answer options randomly.
    • Set categories: Your question is added to the question bank based on your chosen category.
    • Show question feedback: Share feedback with students based on a right or wrong answer.
    • Required: Sets a mandatory response to the question before moving to the next page or submitting the quiz.
  10. Once you're happy with your question, press Save.

    Your question is now added to your quiz. You can edit the question at any time. However, we don't recommend that you amend the question when people are taking the quiz.

  11. You can continue to add more questions or Configure and Publish your quiz.

The FlexiQuiz system will automatically score submitted quizzes and the results are available on the Analyze screen.

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