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Build measurable tests. Bias free

Easily add a variety of questions that reflect your sector, organization and the role for which you are recruiting.
You can choose from 9 question types including MCQ, file upload and free text.

Customize your quiz using our flexible features, such as time limits, required questions, maximize attempts, bookmarks and more.

Attract the best talent with professional-looking quizzes and communications that reflect your brand. You can add your logo, colors, fonts and text.
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Share tests your way

You can add assessments on your website using our quiz link or by embedding a link on your site.

To share a test securely, either send a custom email and add a passcode, or set up a Respondent portal.

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Real-time results

We auto-score and grade all tests, allowing you time to view manual submissions, such as videos or presentations.

You can automate results for hiring managers and download them for more in-depth analysis.

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Cheating prevention

Ensure candidates submit their own work

Our technical features help you to minimize cheating and safeguard the integrity of your assessments.

Choose from many options, such as question randomization, time tracking and limiting access to set IP addresses.

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Save time

With just one click our easy-to-use automations allow you to manage assessments, stay informed and keep everyone updated.

Once you have chosen the right candidate, you can onboard them using email notifications, learning paths and respondent portals.

Features to help you recruit the best

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Deliver professional-looking tests and communications that candidates can easily access on their devices

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Welcome pages

Share guidance in any language at the start of the test so that candidates know what to expect

Upload files to a quiz
File uploads

Allow candidates to upload documents such as presentations, CVs, videos and sound recordings

SSL secure shield
Secured with SSL

With SSL encryption and utilising our advanced cloud infrastructure, you can be sure your tests will always be secure

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We offer a choice of plans that allow you to assess a few or many thousands of candidates globally for any position

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Category scoring

Identify candidates' strengths and weaknesses by assessing questions split by category

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