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Creating a quiz with custom feedback

Providing quality feedback improves the learning experience by helping students understand what they have answered correctly or incorrectly.

With FlexiQuiz, you can provide custom feedback to students automatically during or after the quiz. You can share feedback based on right or wrong answers, such as:

  • A detailed explanation in any language.
  • A few motivational words or maybe a motivating image and GIF.
  • Or simply show test-takers which answers they have got right or wrong.

This image shows an example of feedback being shown during the quiz.

Feedback during an online quiz

This guide shows you how to make an online quiz with custom feedback based on correct or incorrect responses.

How to make a quiz with feedback

  1. From your main FlexiQuiz dashboard, press Create a quiz and choose the standard quiz type.
  2. Add a name for your examination and press create quiz.
  3. To add a question press Add Item and select Question from the drop-down menu.
  4. Add your question or challenge to the Question box.
  5. Add any answer options and highlight the correct answer.
  6. To add feedback, tick the box show question feedback. Quiz question feedback for all
  7. To separate feedback based on the right or wrong answers, tick the box separate correct/ incorrect feedback. Setting feedback based on right or wrong answers
  8. Top tips!
    • Feedback for file upload and free format questions cannot be separated as the system cannot auto-score the answers.
    • To show feedback for correct answers the whole question needs to be right. Some question types such as matching, multiple choice (multiple responses), and fill-in-the-blanks may have several parts to the answers. All elements need to be correct.
    • You can choose to share feedback for only right or only wrong answers.
  9. Add your feedback to the feedback box - this can include text in any language, bullet points, tables and more.
  10. Top tip! If you have a paid plan, you can get creative by including feedback with images, sounds recordings, GIFs, or videos.
  11. Finish formatting your quiz:
    • Add categories: Save the question by category in your question bank.
    • Required: The examination cannot be submitted, or students cannot move to the next page until the question is answered.
  12. Set the scoring for your quiz.
  13. Press Save - your question is now added to your online quiz.
  14. Choose when you would like to share feedback with test-takers. Your options are:
    • Provide instant feedback during the quiz.
    • Share commentary after the examination is submitted.
    • Display feedback only when the test-taker gets a pass or fail grade.
  15. Configure your quiz.
  16. Publish and share your online quiz.

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