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Creating a fill-in-the-blanks question

Our easy to use online quiz maker software makes it simple for you to create a test or exam with the fill-in-the-blank type format.

A fill-in-the-blanks test is a form of assessment in which respondents need to fill information using words or numbers as a solution. It tests the power of recall in a learner rather than the ability of someone to recognize and synthesize.

Many different types of quizzes can benefit from fill-in-the-blanks, including aptitude tests, exams, trivia quizzes, entrance exams, compliance testing and many more.

This guide shows you the benefits of the fill-in-the-blanks question, and how to add this question type to your online tests.

Benefits of using FlexiQuiz to create a quiz with fill-in-the-blanks questions:

  • FlexiQuiz scores the online tests in real-time. You decide when and how to share results with test-takers.
  • You can select when the assessment is available to the user, and they can take the online test at any time within the designated settings.
  • Enables you as the quiz creator to make intuitive and high quality looking tests with a variety of choices when it comes to layouts, branding, configuration options, and the ability to add videos, images, or audio.
  • Questions are different from other test methods, which give you variety, and they can provide a more accurate representation of what the individual knows.

How to create a fill-in-the-blanks quiz

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. From your main dashboard, select Create Quiz
  3. Enter a name for your test and press Create Quiz once more.
  4. Press Add item and select Question from the drop-down menu.
  5. Next to question type, choose the Fill in the Blanks from the drop-down menu. How to create a fill in the blanks quiz
  6. Enter each question in the Question box - add a letter enclosed in square brackets where you would like a box to be placed for students to enter their answer.
  7. Provide the correct answer (s) to enable the FlexiQuiz system to score your quiz automatically. Enter the correct answer next to each corresponding letter. If you would like to accept multiple versions of the correct answer, then add a line | between each right option. For example:

    If the question is: Name one Country that borders the USA.

    You would write the answer options as Mexico | Canada

    How to add fill in the blanks options for scoring

    Note! The system will automatically score the answer as correct if the test taker provides the correct spelling. The system is not case sensitive.

  8. Set the standards for scoring. You can either award a set number of points for getting the whole item right. Or, use set option points to award marks for each correct element of the question.

  9. Set any rules for the questions:

    Required - students cannot submit the online test until they have answered the mandatory questions.

    Set categories - add to your question bank.

    Show question feedback - provide additional information to the respondent based on correct or wrong answers to be shared during or after the assessment.

  10. Once you've created the question, press Save
  11. To add more questions to that particular page, press the button Add Item and select Question from the drop-down menu.

    Note! for the free quiz plan; you can add ten questions in a single quiz. For our Premium and Enterprise users, there are no limitations on items.

  12. Configure your assessment.
  13. Publish your test online and select how you would like to share it with others. You can share the quiz on social media, including email, blog, your website, send an email invite, or assign to a Respondent account. quiz taker fill in the blank test questions
  14. To view answers for submitted quizzes go to the analyze screen.

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