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Setting mandatory quiz questions

Set questions as mandatory for the respondent to complete. The setting stops respondents from submitting their responses for the whole quiz or moving to the next page without answering the required question(s).

This guide shows you how to set required questions and demonstrates the test-takers experience.

How to set required quiz questions

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account and create a new quiz or edit an existing test.
  2. Go to the Question screen and add or edit your question.
  3. Check the box Required. Check box for a mandatory quiz question
  4. Once you are happy with any other changes to the question, press Save.
  5. You will need to repeat this process for each question that you would like mandated.

    If the questions are going to be mandated before submitting the whole quiz, you can skip to step 8.

    If you would like to ensure the question is answered before the test-taker moves to the next screen, the previous page option will need to be disabled.

  6. Go to the Configure screen and select General from the left-hand menu.
  7. Scroll down the page to Allow previous page navigation and uncheck the box. how to stop participants going back

    Important! Once participants move to the next page, they will not be able to go backward.

  8. To customize the message shown to participants, go to the Configure/ Theme screen.
  9. Scroll down the page to Required question message and enter the new message you would like to show participants. Your message can be written in almost any language so that quiz takers understand the instructions. change text for required question message
  10. Finish Configuring your online test.

    If you select a time limit for the quiz, the test will still automatically submit when the time expires - even if the required questions are not answered.

  11. Publish and Distribute your online examination.

The test takers experience

This image shows the message that participants are shown if they have not provided a response to a required question. Don't forget that paid plan members can customize this message on the Configure/ Theme screen.

quiz participant message

Top tip! If you have many questions, we would recommend that you number them so that it's easy for students to find the unanswered questions. This can be done with the Auto number questions option on the Configure/ General screen.

The FlexiQuiz system will highlight any required questions not answered within the test as shown in the image below.

required question not answered highlighted in grey

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