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Sending email invites to take your online quiz

Securely share your online test by sending a custom email invite direct from your FlexiQuiz account.

The Send Email Invite distribution option allows you to customize an email and send a unique link for test takers to access your quiz, test, or exam. The unique link makes it easy to maximize quiz attempts and ensure selected people can take your test.

The benefits of using email invites are:

  • Participants don't need to self-register as you can track responses using the quiz takers email.
  • It's easy to track if the examination has been opened, started, and submitted.
  • Helps deter cheating as every invitee gets their own unique link.

This guide shows you how to distribute your FlexiQuiz content using the Send Email Invite, track responses, send reminders, and delete quiz takers from your invite list.

How to send an email invite

  1. Create and configure your online test or course.
  2. Set the rules for when the quiz will open and close:
    • To automatically open and close at a set time - follow the set date and time steps, then share the quiz using the instructions below.
    • To ensure the FlexiQuiz content is available as soon as quiz takers receive the email invite - go to the Publish tab and press Publish Quiz
  3. Tick the box Send Email Invites
  4. To add a registration page to the start of your exam, tick the box Register for quiz
  5. Personalize the email subject line in any language.
  6. Update the email copy to that it's relevant for quiz takers and to help them understand the next steps. You can write the text in any language. Important! Don't remove the link to your quiz, which is: [Unique Link].
  7. Press add emails
  8. Add the emails address for each test taker. Important! Each email address should be on a new line or separated with a ;
  9. Press Send emails

Emails are usually sent to your distribution list within minutes but please allow up to 1 hour. Once people start your quiz, you can track their progress from your Publish or Analyze screens.

How to track responses

Your Publish screen saves a list of all emails sent, date sent and the quiz status.

Definitions of each status:

  • Not Started - email invite has been sent but the quiz has not started.
  • Not Submitted - the quiz has started but not submitted.
  • Submitted - the test has been submitted by the quiz taker and results are available on your analyze dashboard.

Top tip! If you allow multiple quiz attempts, a quiz taker can retake the quiz after it's submitted. If the test taker retakes the test and does not submit the quiz will show as 'not submitted' on your analyze dashboard.

Screenshot of the Publish page for tracking the status of email invites:

Track the status for sending quiz invites

Sending reminders

There may be times when people need reminding to complete your online test or you need to send extra information.

If you've sent an email invite, you can easily follow up with a little reminder. To set this up:

  1. Go to the Publish screen for your chosen quiz.
  2. Scroll down to Send Email Invites.
  3. Select the Reminders tab. The tab will show the existing subject line and body text for sending a quiz reminder.
  4. You can choose to personalize the subject line and body copy.
  5. Top tip! Do not remove the unique link or test takers will not be able to access the quiz.

  6. Select who you'd like to send an email reminder
    • There are several options including All, Not started, Not submitted, Submitted or Individuals. Click this box highlighted below for a list of contact options.
    Screenshot to show how to select who to send reminders
  7. Press Send reminders

A reminder will be sent straight away.

How to delete people from your invite list

Once you've sent an email invite, you can remove people from your list at any time. This means quiz takers will no longer be able to access your content and any submitted answers or results will be deleted.

To delete email invites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Publish screen
  2. Scroll down to Send Email Invites
  3. Select the email address that you would like to delete
  4. Press the grey delete button

The selected email invites will instantly be deleted from your list. If the test taker tries to access your quiz link, using an old email invite, they will be told that the quiz is closed.

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