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Employee portal with custom company onboarding program created on FlexiQuiz

Studies show employee onboarding is important


of well-trained employees felt more connected at work

Source: Glassdoor


of companies currently have a great onboarding experience

Source: Gallup


of new hires meet their first milestone having completed formal onboarding training

Source: LinkedIn

Company onboarding quiz question with options to add a logo, colors and audio

Create a custom onboarding program

Personalize your onboarding content to reflect your company, working processes and the employee's new role.

You can add your company videos, team members' photos and relevant documents to enable new employees to absorb the new information quickly.

Woman sitting at laptop setting up custom learning paths for new employees
Guide learners

Custom learning paths

Set learning paths to guide new hires through their onboarding journey.

Customized content can be shared based on the employee's choices, role requirements and knowledge.

Employee portal with a list of onboarding activities
Engage employees

Employee portals

Our easy-to-use, web-based portals allow employees to access all of their onboarding materials in one place.

Portals can be customized with your logo and accessed by being embedded on your site or through SSO and APIs.

Circle with automation actions that have been set on FlexiQuiz
Save time

Set automatic actions

Our automation options help HR teams to work more efficiently while keeping all key stakeholders informed.

New hires register for their course and gain instant access to relevant learning materials at the right time.

Quiz  results report with list of employees and scores
Measure progress

Learning reports

Monitor individual and group progress to check completion rates and how well new employees understand the topics.

Reports are available at a group, individual, quiz and question level for detailed analysis.

All the features you need to onboard employees in any industry, any sector

Nine symbols for each question type
9 question types

Add questions such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, free format, matching and file upload

Question bank with list of questions
Question bank

Bulk import questions, manage categories, randomize questions and quickly make onboarding tests

Custom quiz certificate
Custom certificates

Celebrate success by awarding branded certificates when new hires complete the course

Test papers

Create and assign a variety of quizzes that can assess your new joiner's knowledge during the onboarding process

Microphone to host a live quiz
Live quizzes

Include live quizzes as part of your onboarding meetings to break the ice, test skills or promote discussion

Calendar to set quiz start and end times

Set the day and time employees can access your content

Dollar sign to show good value for quiz maker
Fair pricing

We offer a choice of pricing plans to help you onboard new hires in both small and large companies

Quiz on mobile phone
Mobile friendly

Employees can access their training 24/7 using any online device, including tablet, laptop and mobile

List of questions by category
Category scoring

Manage questions by category so that you can identify new hires' strengths and weaknesses