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FlexiQuiz offers everything you need to make any type of test, from fun trivia quizzes to formal exams.

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FlexiQuiz is a versatile quiz-maker tool that supports all your company's testing needs in any industry and sector.

Create quizzes for team building, promoting your business, training employees and to check everyone is working according to best practices.

Reach and inspire all of your students, even the quietest ones, with unique and interactive quizzes.

FlexiQuiz supports learning in the classroom or remotely and our custom automation options save teachers lots of precious time.

Monetize your knowledge by creating professional looking quizzes or courses.

Our intuitive user interface will help you develop a great user experience from the moment someone has bought your quiz. Plus, we don't charge any commission.

Quizzes are a great way to add some excitement and competition to team meetings, family gatherings or classes.

Engage your audience and make your quizzes stand out by adding awesome questions, pictures, videos, gifs and music.

How to create an online quiz quickly


Choose a quiz type

To start, define your objectives for making a quiz. Are you creating a fun knowledge test, marketing campaign or annual certification exam?

With FlexiQuiz, you can create anything using our live or classic quiz types.


Add your questions

FlexiQuiz offers a choice of quiz, question and page types, so you can quickly add your questions and answer options.

Add images, video and audio to bring your questions to life.


Automate scoring

Choose how many points you want to add or deduct for each answer option and let the FlexiQuiz system score your quiz in real-time.


Style your quiz

Personalize the look and feel to reflect your brand and quiz theme.

Choose colors, fonts, logos and imagery. You can also use custom CSS for advanced design options.



Customize the quiz to your goals with our flexible features, such as timers, question randomization, feedback, maximum quiz attempts and more.


Set automatic notifications

Keep everyone updated with automated communications, such as quiz reminders, results, certificates and welcome emails.


Share your quiz

Publish and share the quiz your way.

For example, you can embed the quiz on your site, send email invitations, assign to Respondent portals or share a unique URL.


Analyze results

View results in real-time with detailed analytics, such as time per question, right or wrong answers and average scores.

Make a quiz

Fantastic features to help you make professional quizzes


Add an element of competition to your quizzes by awarding custom certificates or coupons.

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9 flexible question types

Ask great questions using multiple, single or picture-choice, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, file upload or free text.

Screen with line graph

Keep all of your quizzes and training materials in one place so that users can easily access their courses.

Countdown timer

Build challenging online quizzes by adding a time limit to the question, page or the whole test.

Mobile phone with a quiz
Mobile friendly

Our quizzes look great and work on any device, from a large laptop screen to a mobile phone.

Speech bubbles
Question bank

Store and manage questions by category to build online tests quickly.

Quiz scores split by category
Category scoring

Identify respondents' strengths by assessing questions split by category type.

FlexiQuiz report with pie charts and an A grade

Analyze and download results at a quiz, question, respondent and group level.


Save time by automating the user experience, from welcome emails or reminders to sharing results.

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