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How to analyze your quiz results

The analyze screen is a central place for you to view and manage results for each quiz.

You can summarize the data for your examination, browse individual responses, manually score tests, download certificates and export reports all from one place.

This guide provides an overview of the analyze features, exploring the following areas:

  • How to access the screen
  • Report types
  • Managing participant data
  • Exporting results

Accessing the analyze screen

To view the analyze data, you will need to be a Main Account Admin or have a Trainer/ Admin account with analyze/ reports permissions.

You can access the screen in one of two ways.

  1. From your main account dashboard, press the analyze button next to the relevant quiz. analyze button on main dashboard
  2. If you're in the quiz mode, select Analyze from the tabs menu. analyze tab

Report types

There is a choice of three report types. You can select the relevant report by pressing the drop-down menu next to Report type.

  • Individual summary: an outline of every individual who has started and completed the quiz.
  • Individual responses: displays the questions and answers for every test participant who has submitted their quiz responses.
  • Response summary: a review of how many participants have selected each answer option.
quiz report types drop-down menu

Customizing data columns

The image shown below shows the standard columns displayed on the Individual summary report dashboard.

There may be times when you would like to show more, less, or different information. For example, if you have added a registration page to your quiz that asks test-takers for their identification number. Or maybe you've created an examination in a different language and have asked participants for their Vorname, Primeiro nome instead of First name.

To customize the columns:

  1. Press the three dots on the right-hand side of the table
  2. Select Configure columns from the drop-down menu buttons to customize results data

    A pop-up will be displayed that lists all available columns based on the standard information captured by the FlexiQuiz system and any custom registration fields you added on the registration screen.

  3. Check and uncheck the relevant boxes

    Top tip! A line from your registration page may not appear on the analyze screen if you copy and paste the text from word.

    example analyze dashboard configuration options
  4. Press Save

Your analyze table is now updated to display the columns you've selected.

Top tip! There are no limits to the number of columns you can choose to display. However, if you select a large number of columns, it could distort the view on the screen. If this happens, you can export the data in an excel file for an improved view of a large amount of data.

Managing participants data

The dashboard displays all submitted quizzes and can also include tests that are in progress or where the participants have left the examination without submitting.

To view tests that are not yet submitted, select the Include Unsubmitted Quizzes toggle.

submit quiz toggle

You can manage the individual responses through the select action drop-down menu. You're shown various options depending on the status of the quiz.

how to customize data fields


View current responses: View the participant's recent answers to each question when the quiz is not submitted.

View: Once the quiz is submitted, you can view the participant's response to each question, edit marking, edit scores, create a PDF for emailing to test-takers or downloading.

Edit: View and change the participant's total score and pass/ fail status for the quiz.

Submit: You can instantly submit the quiz on behalf of the student. If the test-taker is still taking the examination, any further responses will not be saved.

Delete: Permanently delete the response record for this individual. All data will also be deleted from the reports screen. Any deleted data cannot be recovered - the data is gone forever!

Respondent access URL: This option is displayed if the test taker has started the quiz and not submitted their responses. If the test-taker is taking the quiz multiple times, this option is not displayed. The respondent access URL allows students to access the quiz with all their previous responses saved.

Certificate: View, download, and share a copy of the certificate for qualifying test takers. Data shown such as the name cannot be altered.

Previous attempts: Shows the scores and individual question responses of earlier attempts. You cannot edit previous exam data or move to the current response field.

Email results: Send an email to participants with a copy of their current test results. FlexiQuiz will send the email notification based on the requirements you have set on the Notifications screen.

Exporting results

You can export results in a PDF or Excel file format.

The number of results that you can export may vary depending on your FlexiQuiz plan type.

Important You cannot export the response summary report if you have more than 500 participants or use hundreds of items from the question bank.

Find out more about exporting results .

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