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File upload questions

Use the file upload question type to allow respondents to attach a file as part of their response.

The file upload question type is available if you have a FlexiQuiz Essentials plan or higher. Respondents can upload a file using their mobile or laptop device and you can download their responses from the analyze screen.

File upload questions are great for:

  • Course work submissions that include uploading essays, pictures, mathematical calculations, and other supporting evidence.
  • Uploading resumes and documents during the recruitment and on-boarding process.
  • Team building events like pop quizzes or a scavenger hunt.

File upload settings

Allowable files: .jpg, jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png, .mp4, .mp3, .doc, .docx, .txt, .xlsx, .pdf

Respondent messages: Existing text says drop files here but this can be changed on the Theme screen.

Scoring: Due to the nature of this answer, you'll need to manually score the quizzes from your Analyze screen.

Maximum size of files: 15MB . Contact us if you need to ask respondents to upload larger files.

Number of files per quiz: 20

How to add a file upload question to your quiz

  1. From your main FlexiQuiz dashboard, select Create Quiz
  2. Add a name for your quiz, test, or assessment.
  3. Press Add Item and select Question from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next to the Question type, select File Upload guide for a quiz maker to add file upload question
  5. In the Question field add your quiz question using text, images, audio, GIF, or videos - this can also include instructions for respondents to understand what file type and size of a file that they're able to upload. adding file upload question
  6. Select any extra question settings

    Required - require an answer.

    Set categories - add this question to a category in your question bank.

    Show question feedback - show respondents feedback on the question.

  7. Press Save
  8. Finish creating your online quiz.
  9. Publish and Share.

This is how the file upload question will be displayed to quiz takers.

file upload screen shown to quiz takers

How to view uploaded files

You can download files one at a time from the Analyze tab - it's not possible to bulk export multiple files at once.

  1. Go to the Analyze tab.
  2. Next to the relevant respondent press select action and from the drop-down menu choose view. online test analyze screen
  3. This displays the quiz takers' answers including any uploaded files - press on the file to download.
  4. Press edit to manually score the question. screen to download file and score exam question
  5. Once you have downloaded the file and scored the question press Save changes

You can edit the score at any time.

Note: Files can be deleted by pressing the cross on the top right-hand side corner of the file. Once a file is deleted it cannot be recovered. To save space on your FlexiQuiz account we recommend you reviewing and deleting files on a regular basis.

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