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Make your own spelling test in minutes

It's quick and easy to create all kinds of spelling tests with FlexiQuiz.

FlexiQuiz offers a full range of question and configuration options that enable you to create custom spelling tests for students of any level.

Learners can securely access their online test, anytime, anywhere. FlexiQuiz can automatically score, grade, and feedback to the students based on the rules you set.

This article shows you the different types of spelling tests that you can build with FlexiQuiz.


Students listen to the word that is spoken, and then type out how they think it should be spelt.

Listening questions not only test a learner's spelling ability but can also improve their listening and aural skills.

You can create a listening test in minutes using the FlexiQuiz fill-in-the-blanks or matching text question types.

Record the words or sentences that you'd like to test in a audio or video file format and upload them to the FlexiQuiz system.

Take this listening spelling test and see how many words you can correctly spell in less than one minute.

example of a listening spelling quiz template

Multiple choice

Student's pick the word that is spelt correctly from a list of options. For example:

  • Students pick the correct answer from two words that are pronounced in the same way but have a different spelling and meaning.
  • Students are shown several options, and they need to choose the correct (or incorrect) spelling based on a paragraph, statement, or image.

It's often said that choosing the correct word tests help with reading more than spelling. Students are able to get the answer right by recognizing the correct word instead of using memory recall to write the word from scratch.

The most popular way to create this question is by using the multiple-choice format with a single answer option.

multiple choice spelling test


Students type their answer, such as a letter, word, or phrase into a box.

You can create questions with single or multiple spaces for answers to be added.

In addition to helping with spelling, fill-in-the-blanks also tests that the words make sense grammatically.

Top tip! Enterprise members can contact us for CSS code that enables you to change the answer box size.

fill in the blanks spelling test

Printable spelling templates

Students write down the words on paper

You can easily create a spelling test template using the matching text question type to print out and share with students.

Printable spelling tests are traditionally a popular choice for teaching in the classroom. However, printable tests also work well for teaching and testing remotely. For example, a teachers users zoom video classes, the teacher speaks the words, and the students write down their responses. The student's responses can be uploaded to FlexiQuiz for the teacher to easily download and mark.

Top features to help you make the best spelling tests:

Randomize questions

Scramble the order of questions to prevent students comparing answers.

Question bank

Save your questions, split by category in a question bank. When you create a test, you can choose how many questions you would like from each category. The system will randomly pick the set number of questions from each category so quiz takers may not have the same group of questions.

Add Images, Video, GIFs and Audio

Bring your quiz to life with various forms of media.

Time limits

Add time limits to test how quickly the students can recall and type the word.


Add a gamification element to the quiz by awarding custom certificates when students achieve the minimum grade.

Grade based redirects

Direct students to another spelling test based on their results.

Feedback based on right or wrong answers

Show students the correct answers and provide helpful hints to help them improve with future tests.

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