Create and host live quiz events

Live quizzes bring out the funĀ and competitive side of people in conference rooms, classrooms, living rooms, video calls or a mix of everything.

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A person with a microphone hosting a live quiz game with a fill-in-the-blanks question

Impress your audience

Share great-looking interactive quizzes with your personalized questions. Everyone can play in real-time with their own devices, such as a laptop, tablet or mobile.

Host and player view for a live quiz game that includes images, a countdown timer and a math question

How a live quiz works


Make a quiz in minutes

To start, add your questions with the help of our 6 question types and customize the settings.

You can add images, certificates, time limits, points per question and award bonus points for the fastest answer.

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Share a unique access code

Players can only join your quiz with the unique access code and by entering a name.

Once all players have entered the waiting room, you can start the game together.

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Arrow to show how to share a live quiz with players

Host and play

Present the live quiz in person or remotely.

You can choose to read the questions aloud or let players read them on their own screen and submit their responses.

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Track performance

You can keep players engaged and excited throughout the game with instant feedback and score updates.

The leaderboard updates after every question so it's easy for players to track how they are doing.

Quiz leaderboard with player names and score updates

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How you can use live quiz games

Business briefcase

Bring teams together and energize the group with custom live quizzes.

Include live quizzes as part of your team meetings, training sessions, presentations and company events so that everyone feels involved.

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Schools and universities

Make learning fun with live quiz games that all students can play anywhere.

Quickly create custom quizzes that test students' knowledge on a new topic, as a way to break the ice, to promote discussion and more.

Quiz event highlighted on calendar
Social events

From trivia nights to family gatherings, live quizzes are an awesome addition.

Include questions that will entertain the whole group, such as favorite sports, hobbies, vacations or some weird and wonderful trivia.

Awesome features to create and host free live quiz games

Six question type symbols
6 question types

Choose from multiple, single or picture choice, matching, fill-in-the-blanks and free format.

Image with a plus symbol
Add images

Add images to any question. You can add your own pictures or pick one from the Unsplash library.

Speed dial with arrow at the highest point
Hardest questions

View how many players have selected each answer option to discover which is the hardest.

Quiz countdown timer
Countdown timers

Make questions more challenging with a countdown timer.

Quiz score
Custom scoring

Add or deduct points based on performance. Plus, award bonus points for the fastest right answers.

Quiz trophy

Names and current scores of the leading players are displayed after each question.

Person with a question mark
Anonymous players

Players can provide a nickname to stay anonymous and still track their score against others.

Quiz slide with information
Info slides

Take a break or share information during the quiz with text, videos or images.

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