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What is a question bank?

A question bank is a collection of your pre-created questions that you can use to make quizzes, assessments or exams. Instead of creating questions from scratch whenever an assessment is needed, you can draw from your question bank in order to generate quizzes quickly and efficiently.

With FlexiQuiz, you can group your questions by category, such as topic, difficulty level or genre. This makes it easier to search for and select questions that align with a specific learning objectives.

Overall, a question bank is a valuable tool for educators seeking to streamline the quiz creation process. It maintains assessment consistency and ensures a robust and varied evaluation of students' understanding of the material.

What are the key features of a question bank?

Key features and aspects of the FlexiQuiz question bank include:

Randomization: The FlexiQuiz system will randomly pick the required number of questions from each category. By sharing unique versions of the tests with students, you can minimize the risk of cheating and enhance assessment integrity.

Variety of question types: The FlexiQuiz question bank allows you to manage a full range of question types, such as multiple-choice questions, true/false statements, short answer questions, free format, fill-in-the-blanks, file upload and more. This diversity allows you to create comprehensive and balanced assessments.

Categories: You can add categories to organize and group questions based on specific criteria, such as topics, themes or skills.

The categories make it easier to search for and select questions that align with your learning objectives.

Categories also allow you to measure students' performance, so that you can evaluate and assess their achievements and understanding within specific predefined study areas or topics. This approach will enable you to understand your students' strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of the curriculum.

Quiz question bank split by category

Reusability: The primary advantage of a question bank is its reusability. Questions can be used across different assessments, saving time and effort in creating new quizzes for similar content.

Collaboration: You can collaborate and share your question bank with Administrators and Trainers linked to your FlexiQuiz account. This can be particularly useful for curriculum alignment and consistency across multiple classrooms or courses.

How does it work?

Here's a general overview of how the FlexiQuiz quiz question bank works:

Creation and collection of questions:

You add your favorite questions in the question bank organized by category. These questions can cover various topics, difficulty levels and question types.

Questions can include all of the popular FlexiQuiz formatting options, such as adding media, setting the question to required, option randomization and custom scoring.

Organization and categorization:

You can organize questions by categories that you set up. This organization helps you locate questions based on specific criteria, such as subject, topic, difficulty or question type.

User access:

Authorized users, such as Administrators or Trainers linked to your account, can access the question bank through the quiz create screen. You can set access permissions on the user profile page, allowing you to collaborate easily and share with your colleagues.

quiz create screen with question bank menu

Search and filter features:

You can filter your quiz questions based on categories from the questions screen in the question bank.

Selection for assessments:

When creating quizzes or exams, you select how many questions you want from each category in the bank.

The FlexiQuiz system randomly picks the required number of questions from your chosen category. This means each student can get a different set of questions which prevents them discussing responses.

Import functionality:

Save time by importing questions into the question bank using our Excel spreadsheet.

Feedback and analytics:

After assessments are completed, you can access analytics for individual questions. The reports allow you to check the effectiveness of the question and ensure students understand it. You can update the question at any time to enhance the overall quality of your question bank.

Who can view my question bank?

Your question bank is private and can only be accessed by Admins and Trainers (with relevant permissions) linked to your main account.

You can set additional Admin and Trainer permissions on their user profile page.

  • Tick the box View Question Bank on the permissions section.

How can I view questions in the bank?

You can only access the question bank through the quiz create screen:

  1. Press Add Item and choose Question bank from the drop-down menu.
  2. A pop-up appears that lists all the categories in your question bank. Click on the questions tab and a list of all your questions will appear.
  3. You can also use the filter function to view questions by category.

Can I edit questions in the bank and what happens?

Yes, you can edit a question in a bank; this includes changing the text, formatting and scoring.

  1. To edit any of your questions, go to the question bank from your quiz create screen.
  2. Select the Question tab. If you've got hundreds of questions, you can easily filter them by category.
  3. Once you have found the relevant question, press Select Action and choose Edit from the drop-down menu.
  4. A pop-up will appear with the question. You can make changes to the question and then press Save.

The question is instantly updated. The updated question will now appear in all existing and new quizzes.

Can I use the question bank with live quizzes?

It is not currently possible to use the question bank with live quiz games.

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