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What is a question bank?

A Question Bank is an online place to store and manage all your quiz questions centrally, organized by category. Any type of question can be added to the bank including, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, file upload and essay.

Categories allow you to group similar questions such as subject, genre, or difficulty level. You can quickly build, share, and analyze results with set questions from each category in your bank.

This is an image of a question bank. As you can see, it's easy to keep track of where your questions are and it takes seconds to add them to your quiz. Simply choose how many questions you would like the FlexiQuiz system randomly to pick from each category.

question bank with quiz questions split by category

How does it work?

Create a question bank, add categories and questions.

To start, you will need to create the bank using your favorite questions. There are a couple of ways to add your questions to the bank:

  1. Individual questions: Create a quiz in the usual way and select if you would like to add the question to a category.
  2. Bulk upload questions: Import multiple questions using our excel template - a great way to save time if you're uploading hundreds of questions.

Make a quiz using questions from the bank.

When you build an online quiz, you can choose to include any number of questions from each category in the bank.

Simply select how many questions you would like added from each category.

Creating a quiz with questions from the bank

The test-taker experience

Every time a test-taker starts the quiz, the FlexiQuiz system will randomly select the set number of questions from your chosen category.

For example:

  • I have a question bank with 500 questions, all with the same level of difficulty in the 'easy' category.
  • I create a quiz and select ten questions from the easy category.
  • Each time the test taker starts the exam, the system will randomly pick ten questions from the choice of 500.

With a large pool of questions it's improbable that the students will get the same set of ten questions. If the student repeats the quiz, the system will randomly select the questions again.

What are the benefits of a question bank and categories?

  • A simple and organized way to securely store questions for use in future quizzes.
  • Quick and easy to create new online tests by just picking how many questions you want from each category.
  • Enables students to retake a test multiple times with a different set of questions every time.
  • Minimizes cheating as if you have a large pool of questions, students are less likely to get the same set of questions. Plus, you can also randomize the order of the questions.

  • Categories allow you to view and analyze a participant's performance by category. You can also choose to share category scores with the test-taker, helping them identify their development needs.

Can I create and manage a quiz by category without adding questions from the bank?

Yes. Create a quiz in the usual way and check the box set categories. Add your question to an existing category or create a new one.

The results, split by category, are available on your analyze screen, and you can choose to share them with participants.

How can I view questions in the bank?

You can access the question bank at any time through any quiz create screen.

Press Add Item and choose Question bank from the drop-down menu.

image of question bank button

The bank has two tabs.

  • Categories: Lists all categories with a summary of how many questions in each area.
  • Questions: Lists all questions in the bank. You can also filter the questions by category.

Can I edit questions in the bank, and what happens?

Yes, you can edit a question in a bank; this includes changing the text, formatting and scoring.

To edit any of your questions, you will need to go to the question bank. Select the Question tab. If you've got hundreds of questions, you can easily sort them by category.

Any quizzes taken after the edit has been saved will use the new information.

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