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Scoring your online quizzes and tests

Scored tests are a great way to check a respondents' level of understanding in almost any subject and for a variety of scenarios including recruitment, on-boarding, training, knowledge testing, or as a fun way to engage teams. FlexiQuiz offers a choice of ways to score each question in your quiz with points being awarded (or deducted) for each correct answer or the whole question. Once you set the rules for awarding points, FlexiQuiz can instantly mark submitted quizzes to calculate the total score and grade.

Top tip! You can award points as a whole number, positive, negative or with a decimal point.

This guide will show you the different ways you can award points and the process to set up scores.

Ways to award points

Your options are:

  • Points per question - quiz takers are awarded points for getting the whole answer correct.
  • Points per answer option - quiz takers awarded points for each answer option. Points can be weighted based on the importance of the answer given.
  • Manually award points - you need to manually review the respondent's answers and score.

How to add points to score your online quiz:

Option 1: points per question

This works well on the following question types: single choice, multiple-choice, picture choice, fill in the blanks, or matching text.

How to set up:

  1. From your dashboard, select Create a quiz and enter a name for your online test.
  2. Press Add Item and select Question from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select your question type - single choice, multiple-choice, picture choice, fill in the blanks or matching text.
  4. Create your question and add any answer options.
  5. In the box Points, type the total number of points you would like to award for the whole answer being correct (even if the question has multiple answers). screenshot on how to add points
  6. Once you have finished creating the question, press the blue Save button
  7. Configure and Publish your quiz in the normal way

The online quiz or exam will be automatically graded when students submit their answers.

Top tip! The quiz maker can edit the number of points awarded for each question at any time. However, we'd recommend you don't change the points when the exam is open and test-takers are completing the quiz.

Option 2: points per answer option

This works well for the following question types - single choice, multiple choice, picture choice, match the text and fill in the blanks

How to set up:

  1. From your dashboard, Select Create Quiz and add a name for your online test.
  2. Press Add Item and select Question from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select your question type - choose from multiple, picture, or single choice, match the text or fill the blanks.
  4. Add your question, the correct answer and any answer options.
  5. Tick the box Set option points - this now displays boxes next to each answer options or correct responses.
  6. Add the number of points you would like to add (or deduct) in each of the option boxes screenshot to show points per answer option

The online exams will now be automatically be scored and graded when students submit their tests. The test results will also be displayed on your analyze screen.

Option 3: manually scoring an assessment

File upload and Free text questions will need to be manually marked. However, on all other question types, you can also manually change the points awarded on submitted tests.

How to manually mark:

  1. Create your test, quiz or assessment as normal
  2. Once the answers have been submitted, go to your Analyze dashboard where you will see a list of all submitted quizzes
  3. Next to the relevant respondent, press select action. Choose edit from the drop-down menu
  4. You will be shown a list of the quiz takers responses. Scroll down the page to the relevant question that needs to be manually marked
  5. Once you've reviewed the content and are ready to award points, press edit.
  6. Next to Points score: enter the number of points you want to award test takers for the answer given
  7. Next to Points available: enter the maximum number of points that the quiz taker could have earned
  8. You also have the options to provide feedback to the quiz taker manually adding points
  9. Press Save Changes

    This will automatically update your dashboard with the new score and grade for the quiz.

  10. You will need to manually notify the respondent on their updated score and grade. If the quiz taker qualifies for a certificate you can download a copy from the Analyze dashboard and share a copy by attaching PDF document along with the quiz results, or you can print out the certificate.

Top tip! You can also add your questions to the question bank and they will be scored following the rules that you stipulate.

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