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Sharing your FlexiQuiz

Once you have created and configured your online quiz, test, or course, you'll need to decide how you would like to share it with others. Do you want to share your quiz publicly, as part of your blog or social media campaign? Do you want to share your content privately for exams, assessments, or compliance testing? Whatever your reason, FlexiQuiz makes it quick and easy to publish and distribute your content online.

Quiz responses are then tracked and saved on your Analyze and Results pages.

Take a look at the ways you can share your FlexiQuiz.

Use quiz link

FlexiQuiz will provide you with a URL linking directly to your online test or quiz. This quiz link can be copied and pasted into your channels such as emails, blogs, social media, or web pages. Paid plan members can also personalize the URL so it looks more user-friendly.

This distribution option provides loads of flexibility for any quiz maker and so works well for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Publicly sharing an entertaining quiz as part of any marketing activity.
  • Collecting customer data for a lead generation campaign. You just need to add a registration page to the start of your quiz and customize the fields to capture relevant data including dates, emails, numbers, or names.
  • Privately sharing your quiz with a selected audience such as your class, team, or department. By adding a registration page you can limit who and the number of times people join your quiz.
Screen to create a unique URL for your online test

Top tip! To track who responds to your quiz you need to add a registration page as without this the FlexiQuiz system is unable to identify participants.

This guide shows you how to distribute your FlexiQuiz content with the quiz link option.

This guide shows you how to add and customize a registration page when you create an online test.

Send email invites

You can send a custom email to participants directly from your FlexiQuiz account. Each email contains a unique URL for learners to access your content and enables the FlexiQuiz software to track responses.

The option works well when you know who your target audience is such as your students, employees, or a marketing audience.

One of the main benefits of this option is the ability to track responses and send custom reminder emails direct from your FlexiQuiz account.

Sending an email invite works well in a range of scenarios such as:

  • Tracking learners engagement and progress with assigned tests.
  • Providing a quick and easy way for students to access ad hoc tests - they don't need to register for their responses to be recorded.
  • Providing quiz security that limits who views your online tests and the number of times they complete it.

Learn how to send and manage email invites.

Example email invite from the FlexiQuiz quiz maker

Assign Users/ Groups

Quiz takers can be assigned a Respondent account that will enable them to view, complete, and manage any online tests, quizzes, or exams that you share. A group of Respondents such as a class, team, or department can also be assigned to a Group making it easier for you and other Admins to manage.

Creating Respondent accounts and Groups work well when you're setting regular testing such as:

  • Employee engagement and training - you can easily assign regular compliance or product knowledge tests.
  • Teachers looking to check learners understanding of the course syllabus using regular online testing.

Learn how to assign tests to Respondents.

Top Tip! No matter how you share your FlexiQuiz, don't forget to open your quiz when you're ready for it to go live. People cannot see your content when the quiz is in design or closed.

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