Help / Add a registration page

Registration page

Add a registration page to the start of your quiz so that participants can self-register, authenticate and log-in. This page can be fully configured to help companies or schools capture and validate relevant participant information.

Popular uses for this page, include:

  • Adding password protection
  • Capturing consent
  • Collecting data for reporting or Certificates
  • Limiting quiz access

A registration page can only be used with the Quiz Link distribution option as it is associated with the URL provided.

This guide will show you how to configure and add a registration page to your FlexiQuiz.

How to add a registration page

  • Create and Configure your online quiz, test or course.
  • Go to the Publish tab
  • Tick the box Use Quiz Link
  • Tick the box Register for quiz
  • To change registration fields - press the Customize Fields button
  • To delete fields - press the X
  • To add new fields - press Add field
    • From the drop-down menu, select the Type of information you would like quiz takers to enter such as a passcode, email address or to tick a checkbox
    • Under the Field column enter the text to be shown to participants - this can be written in any language.
    • Tick the Required box next to any mandatory field. This means, quiz takers can only access your content if the required information is provided, in the relevant format.
    • Tick the Unique box next to any field where information can only be provided once such as surname, or employee ID

Example of the pop-up for you to set registration requirements:

creating a quiz registration page
  • Once the fields are confirmed, press Close
  • Press Publish quiz
  • Share the URL with participants so they can access your online quiz through the registration page.

Example of a registration page that is shown to participants:

employee registraton page

Top tip! You can't see the registration page when you preview your quiz. To test the registration page and participants experience, copy and paste the URL into your browser

All of the requested registration fields are saved in your reports. The information can be accessed by going to the Analyze tab and press the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the page. Select Configure columns from the drop-down menu.

analyze quiz registration fields

Top tip! FlexiQuiz Enterprise and Premium plan members can also configure the style of the quiz takers registration page. Headings, buttons, and colors can all be changed to match your organizations' style. To do this go to the Themes section.