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Capturing quiz taker information

You can add a registration page to the start of your FlexiQuiz to capture information about the quiz taker such as name, email address, staff ID, preferences or telephone number.

If you have an Essentials plan or above you can customize the page with your color theme, logo and add your text in any language.

FlexiQuiz registration page that allows you to capture user information

This guide shows you how to add a custom registration page to your classic quizzes.

How to add a registration page

  1. Make a new quiz or edit an existing one.
  2. Go to the Publish tab and open your quiz by pressing the blue Publish Quiz button.
  3. Next, choose how you want to share your quiz - you can only add a registration page using the quiz link or email invitation distribution options.
  4. List of options to share your quiz
  5. Tick the Register for quiz box and our standard registration form is added to the start of your quiz.
  6. To update the registration fields, press the green Customize Registration button. A pop-up appears that allows you to customize the text for each field, add new fields and mandate what the user inputs.
  7. Registration page fields for making a quiz on FlexiQuiz
  8. These are your options for updating the data request fields:
    • Field: This tells the user what information they need to enter on the form.
    • Type: Click on the drop-down menu to set what type of information the user needs to enter. For example, if you select checkbox the user needs to tick the box. Or if you select email, the user must enter an email address.
    • Required: Tick this box if you want to mandate that the user provides the relevant information.
    • Unique: Tick this box if you want only one user to enter the same information. So for example, if each email address needs to be different.
  9. To delete a field press the X on the relevant line.
  10. If you want to add a message to the top or bottom of the page, tick the box show registration message. So for example, you can remind people to enter their correct name as it is printed on their certificate.
  11. Press the blue Close button.
  12. Depending on your FlexiQuiz plan type, you can customize the style of the registration page such as background colors, images and fonts.
  13. To view how the registration page looks, publish the quiz and view the quiz link.

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