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Hosting live quiz games

Hosting a live quiz game with FlexiQuiz Live is a great way to create energy and excitement with your audience.

You can host a live quiz on a large screen with your live audience within the same room or online.

A live quiz requires a host and the audience to play along simultaneously. Try our classic option if you want respondents to complete the quiz at their own pace.

Teacher hosting a FlexiQuiz live quiz game with an audience in real time

How to host a live quiz game

  1. To start, you will need to log in to FlexiQuiz and build the live quiz using your questions.
  2. Configure your quiz with options such as certificates, bonus points, and custom grading.
  3. Before sharing your quiz, we recommend you practice and check your quiz material. To practice as a host, press Play Demo Quiz and choose the host option. This allows you to try the quiz with computer-generated players.
  4. Once you're ready to invite real players, press the green Play Live Quiz button. The live lounge opens and displays options for sharing your quiz, shows who's waiting to play and lets you start the game.
  5. FlexiQuiz live quiz game lounge
  6. You can invite your audience to join through and by quoting the access code displayed or sharing the QR code. Top tip! The access code is valid for 7 days.
  7. Choose if you will share your screen or allow players to use their devices.
  8. Once you and your players are ready, press Start Quiz. The 3-second countdown begins and then the first screen appears.
  9. You can read the content aloud or let players view it on their devices.
  10. If you have a text / media slide, press Next to move to the next page.
  11. If you have a question slide, you can view how many players have submitted their responses and check the time remaining (when you have set the countdown timer. Press the Answers button to stop further submissions and show the answers screen.
  12. From the answers screen, you can view the correct answer and how many people have given each response. You can use this information to engage your audience in a discussion.
  13. Next, press Results to view the leaderboard. The leaderboard lists the players with the most correct answers in the fastest time.
  14. FlexiQuiz live leaderboard
  15. Once you're ready to move to the next screen, press Next and follow steps 9 to 12.
  16. The final leaderboard presents the top 3 players with medals. You can also celebrate with confetti.

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