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Hosting live quizzes

Live quizzes are great for creating energy and excitement.

As the host, you can share the questions at your own pace, build suspense, and make people laugh with the odd joke.

man with microphone hosting a live quiz

The FlexiQuiz live option allows you to present an interactive quiz that your audience can play in real-time.

You can host with everyone in the same room, as part of hybrid learning, and using online tools such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, or Google meets.

This guide shows you how to host an awesome live quiz.

How to host a live quiz game

  1. To start, you will need to log in to FlexiQuiz and build the live quiz using your questions
  2. Configure your quiz with options such as certificates, bonus points, and custom grading
  3. Once you've created the quiz, we recommend that you practice and check your quiz material.
  4. To practice as a host, press Play Demo Quiz and choose the host option. This allows you to try the quiz with computer-generated players.
  5. Once you're ready to invite real players, press the green Play Live Quiz button
  6. The live quiz lounge opens that displays access codes for people to join the quiz, shows who's waiting to play, and allows you to start the quiz. Live quiz lounge
  7. Invite your audience to join through and by quoting the access code displayed on your screen

    Top tip! The access code is valid for 7-days

  8. Once you and your players are ready to start the quiz follow these steps:
  9. Choose if you will share your screen or allow players to view the questions and answer options on their own devices.
  10. To open the first page, press Start Quiz
  11. The 3-second countdown begins, and then the first quiz screen appears.

  12. The question screen: Live quiz question screen with timer

    The question screen contains the following information:

    • Questions with any answer options that you can read aloud or leave for players to view the content on their devices.
    • At the top left of the page, you can track how many players have submitted their responses.
    • If you've selected a time limit for the question, the countdown timer shows the time remaining.

  13. Press the Answers button to show responses and to stop any further submissions.

  14. The answer result screen: Live quiz answers screen

    The answer screen shows the following information:

    • Correct answers that are highlighted in green
    • How many chose the right options and/ or how many players chose each answer option

  15. This screen is an excellent opportunity to engage your audience by sharing more information about the right or wrong answers. You can also ask for audience participation, such as why players selected specific options.
  16. To move forward, press Results, and you can view the leaderboard.

  17. Leaderboard: Live quiz leaderboard

    Your leaderboard shows:

    • The top two players position, to view more press show all.
    • Time taken for each player to answer all the questions in the quiz.
    • Total points earned for each player.
    • After the last question, the leaderboard shows the final scores with medals awarded to the top three players.

  18. Press Next to go to your next screen
  19. Repeat steps 8 to 10 until you get to the end of the quiz
  20. The leaderboard with medals is the final page of the quiz Live quiz leaderboard with medals for top performers

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