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Setting the start and end times for your quiz

When sharing your FlexiQuiz content, you may want the quiz to automatically start and end at a specific time, on a certain date, so that test-takers can only view and access your content at the scheduled times.

With FlexiQuiz, you can set a date and time for your quizzes to automatically open and close.

The start & end times are based on the time zone set in your FlexiQuiz account settings. All accounts are automatically set to Central Time (US & Canada) - to update the time zone for your FlexiQuiz account, go to your settings page.

This guide shows you how to schedule the dates and times your online quiz is available for respondents to access.

How to set the quiz open and close times

  1. Create and Configure your quiz, test, or assessment in the usual way
  2. Go to your Configure tab and select General from the left-hand menu.
  3. Scroll down the page to Schedule and tick the box start and end dates location
  4. Next to From: select the date and time you want the quiz to start
  5. Next to To: select the date and time that you want the quiz to close

    Top tip! If you use this Schedule feature, you don't need to open and close the quiz from the Publish screen. FlexiQuiz will automatically open and close the examination based on the dates and times you've set. You can update the dates and times at any time by going back to your Configure screen. Important! If you close the quiz when someone is taking it, their results will not be saved.

  6. Share your online quiz.

If the quiz is not scheduled to be open, quiz takers will see a message that says, "This quiz is not open". If you have assigned the examination to a Respondent or Group, the quiz will not be displayed on their dashboard until it's scheduled to open.

Quiz takers will be able to view your content and participate in any tests or assessments you've created during the times 'From' and 'To' scheduled times.

Important! If the quiz automatically closes when students are still taking the test, they can continue, but their results are not saved.

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