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FlexiQuiz is a versatile assessment tool that enables teachers to easily create and share high-quality tests that measure student's performance.

Our flexible quiz maker for schools, built to:

  • Engage student's
  • Check learner's knowledge and understanding
  • Save teacher's time
  • Track student's progress
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Choice of question types and formatting options

FlexiQuiz is known for its simple yet powerful interface for learners and teachers alike.

Create, configure, and share hundreds of quizzes in minutes. With our choice of page formats, question types, and configuration options it's easy to make an assessment for any subject.

Make learning fun

Captivate and engage students in and out of the classroom with inspiring content and creative quiz activities.

FlexiQuiz offers a choice of question formats, such as multiple choice, matching, or fill-in-the-blanks. You can also allow students to share an image, sound recording, or video of their work using our file upload question type.

Teachers can enrich their tests with visual aids, such as colorful charts, diagrams, images, videos or audio.

Quiz design options

Advanced examination settings

FlexiQuiz exam capabilities enable you to deliver robust automated mock tests and exams.

Confidently test student's abilities with our huge range of configurable tools such as timers, question randomization, and advancerd reporting.

Our examination features are designed to measure abilities and minimize cheating.

Quiz options and customizing

New! Host live quiz games

Enliven your classrooms with live quizzes that are fun, social, and educational.

The FlexiQuiz live quizzing feature allows teachers to host quizzes in real-time from in the classroom or remotely. Students can play along by responding on their laptops, tablet, or mobile device.

Progress is automatically tracked so that students can see if their answer is right or wrong. Teachers can view the overall responses and scores on the leaderboard shared after each question.

Find out more about hosting a live quiz event (links to new landing page)

Quiz grading results scoring

Easily share with students

There’s a choice of ways to share your quiz, depending on your needs.

Choose to register students and share the quiz with an email invite or assign to their respondent account.

Or, request students to self register on a customized registration page.

Students can complete their quiz securely anytime, anywhere on any device. No software download is required.

Quiz grading results scoring

Flexible accounts for all teachers

Provide every teacher with their own Trainer account to create, share, and analyze quizzes privately or in collaboration with others.

Trainer accounts are fully configurable to enable you to set relevant permissions for every teacher.

With the Enterprise plan you can add up to 25 Trainers so that they have access to all our advanced features. That works out at less than $3 per teacher per month.

Quiz certificates

Automate manual tasks

FlexiQuiz reduces tedious admin tasks by automating them to give teachers more time for valuable activities.

Define the rules, let the system do the work, and don't worry about manually scoring papers ever again.

Choose from a full range of time-saving features such as groups, question banks, quiz redirects, auto-grading and email notifications.

Question bank

Keep students motivated

Encouragement and incentives are huge motivation factors for students.

While, it’s not always easy to encourage learners with text alone, FlexiQuiz offers a wide range of tools to you help express an emotion.

Add a personalized video, an uplifting song, or amusing GIFs to celebrate success or provide guidance for future development.

Sharing options

Why create a quiz with FlexiQuiz?

Work remotely

FlexiQuiz provides a user-friendly interface to create, manage and complete online quizzes. Anytime, anywhere.

Flexible question types

Choose from 9 question types including multiple choice, picture choice, matching, fill in the blanks, short answer, essay and file upload.

Randomize questions

Shuffle the order or quiz questions displayed to respondents by page, the whole test, or from a specific subject.

Time limits

Make online exams that are challenging by creating timed tests for each page or the entire quiz.

Create beautiful quizzes

FlexiQuiz offers a choice of layouts, with fully customizable backgrounds to change colors, include logos, and add background images.

Add your media

Integrate videos, images, audio, or GIFs to quiz questions, welcome screens, thank you screens, or feedback pages.

Pause, resume and retake quizzes

Set a maximum number of quiz attempts from one to unlimited. Allow respondents to pause a quiz and try again at a later date.

Choice of ways to share

Share your quiz publicly with a unique URL that can be published and embedded in either your email, blog, social media post. Or privately using email invites and registration pages.

Work in teams

Give your whole team access to all of the powerful FlexiQuiz features so that you can work together to create and analyze quizzes.

Custom results

Display question results during the quiz or you can select what to display to respondents at the end, such as grades, certificates, time taken to complete the test.

Email notifications

Set up custom email notifications to be shared with your-self, nominees and quiz takers to be sent when respondents submit their answers or at a later date.

Advanced reporting

Get detailed real-time reports on all aspects of the quiz and performance, including analysis by individual, group or examination questions.

Grade based redirects

FlexiQuiz auto scores all quizzes with the option to redirect respondents to another online test or URL based on their grades.

Custom Certificates

You may choose one of our templates or create your own custom-designed certificate using your logo with a choice of dynamic or fixed fields.


If you’re managing a large number of respondents, control them more efficiently by splitting them into groups based on classes or teams.

Question bank

Add all of your favorite quiz questions, split by category, to your personal question bank.

Respondent portals

Give your learners access to an intuitive interface, customized with your branding, where they can securely log-in to access and manage assigned quizzes.


Create and sell online quizzes, tests, or courses by integrating with our payment gateway Stripe.

FlexiQuiz is a powerful quiz maker for schools