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Logic-based redirects

There may be times where you want to give your students' a choice of which test they'd like to complete. For example:

  • Countries such as Canada, people speak both French and English, and so you need to give respondents a choice of which language they'd like to read and answer your quiz in.
  • Respondents with different requirements could take an online test based on their location, gender or any type of preference.

With the FlexiQuiz grade based redirects you can create a quiz with options and then seamlessly direct students to their chosen test or exam. We'll also pass over any registration details so it's easy for you to track who completed the final test.

This guide shows you how to set up redirects based language options.

How to set-up

In this example we give students the choice to complete a test in French, Spanish, or English. We award students points based on their language selection. The points don't count towards the students final score - they are just to determine which online exam students are redirected to.

Let's start!

  1. Create, configure, and publish the tests that you want students to complete in each of the language options.

    Note! Do not share these tests yet. You will now need to build a quiz for students to choose a language.

  2. From your main dashboard, select Create Quiz and add a title.
  3. Press Add Item and select Question
  4. Next to Question Type, select Single Choice (radio button) from the drop-down menu.
  5. Add your text to the question box, such as "what language would you like to complete this exam in?"
  6. In the Options boxes, list all the languages that you'd like to offer your students.
  7. Tick the box required - this ensures participants can't move to the next quiz without selecting a language.
  8. Tick the box set option points and award a different number of points for each language option.

    This is an example of creating an online quiz that offers a choice of French, Spanish, or English.

    quiz question page with example text for building a logic redirect
  9. Press Save

    The question page that students will see is now set up.

  10. Next, go to the Configure tab and select Grading from the left-hand menu.
  11. Tick the box Redirect based on grade

    This will update the grades box.

  12. Set a minimum % level that is aligned to each language choice

    In this example, the minimum % is calculated based on a maximum of 4 points.

    French = 0 points = 0 minimum %

    Spanish = 2 points = 50 minimum %

    English = 4 points = 100 minimum %

  13. Next, under Redirect Type, select Quiz from the drop-down menu.
  14. Under Location press the down arrow and select the relevant quizzes that you would like students to be directed to based on the points they score and minimum % levels. Grading configuration page showing how to set up a quiz redirect based on language preferences

    The redirect is now set up. However, to ensure a seamless experience for students, the results page needs to be removed.

  15. Select Results from the left-hand menu.
  16. Untick the box next to show results page Results configuration page with an arrow pointing at the box that needs to be unticked
  17. Finish configuring your online test and publish it.
  18. Share the link for the language option quiz.

The students' experience

Check out this quiz that shows a students' experience based on the example above.

Click here to select which language your would like to view and complete your test in.

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