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Adding a time limit to your test means that a quiz taker will need to answer and submit all questions within the time allowed. Time limits are popular for creating aptitude tests, college entrance exams or employee knowledge testing.  Time limits can keep participants focused, can be challenging or can minimize the chance for students to unfairly research answers.

FlexiQuiz offers all members the option to set a time limit by page, the whole quiz or both.

The time starts when participants press Start Quiz from your welcome page, registration page or direct from the quiz URL.  Once the time has lapsed, quiz takers will automatically go to the next page (if a time limit is set for each quiz page). Or, the test will be submitted for scoring if a timelimit has been set for the whole quiz.



How to add a time limit

     1. Create your quiz

     2. Go to the Configure tab along the top and select General from the left-hand menu

     3. Scroll down the page

     4. Tick the box to show what you want to do:

  • Whole quiz time limit - tick Time limit
  • Time limit by page - tick Page time limits


     5. Enter the amount of time that you would like to allow

  • Whole quiz time limit.  Enter the time in hours and minutes.  For example: 20 minutes = 00:20
  • Per page time limit.  Press Set time limits. Next to each page number enter a time in hours: minutes: seconds. 

         For example 2 minutes and 2 seconds = 00:02:02

              Note: when creating the test, you need to create a new page for each required page time limit. 

              You can't use the Questions per page feature available in the configuration menu


     6. Finish configuring the test and publish


Example of the pop up you will see when setting a time limit by page.  In this example, there is only a time limit on page 2 for 40 seconds.


  Set page time limit



Can a participant pause the time limit?

No.  Once participants press start they will be given the amount of time you have allowed to complete the test or page. 

If participants don't complete and submit the test within the set time, the test is automatically submitted.  Participants will be shown the results page (if configured) and quiz results will be added to your analyze dashboard. 

If participants don't complete the page in the set time limit, they will automatically be taken to the next page.


Can the participant do the test or page again if they don't answer all questions within the time limit?

It depends how you have configured the quiz. 

If you have set the maximum quiz attempts to 1, quiz takers will not be allowed to take the quiz again.


If I have configured instant marking and feedback during the quiz, will the timer pause while participants review?

No.  The time will continue running.  


How does scoring work if the quiz is automatically submitted when the time limit has expired?

All questions answered will be marked and participants will be given a score from all questions in the test.  For example.  A participant is given 10 questions and they only answer 5 questions in the allotted time.  If all answers are correct, participants will score 5 out of 10 or 50%.


How can I change the font and position for the timer?

Premium or Enterprise members can change the font and position of the timer shown to quiz takers by following these steps:

1. Create a quiz

2. From the Configure tab, select Theme from the left-hand menu

3. Next to the option Timer you will be shown drop down options to change the font, font size, font color and positioning. You can choose to put the timer at the top or bottom of the page.




How can I fix the position of the timer so that when a quiz taker scrolls up or down the page, the timer is visable?

Premium or Enterprise members will need to fix the timer to the bottom of the page.

The bottom navigation bar can be fixed by going to the Configure tab and selecting General from the left-hand menu.

Scroll down the page to Navigation bar position

From the drop down menu change incline to Fixed

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