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Adding a custom results page

You can add a results page to the end of the quiz to tell respondents how they performed, guide them to their next activity, to share feedback and certificates.

FlexiQuiz quiz maker makes it easy to add a results page that informs respondents and reflects your brand. Or, you can choose not to show a results page.

quiz results page showing scores

This guide shows you how to add a custom results page.

How to add a quiz results page

  1. Go to the Configure tab on your quiz and select Results from the left-hand menu. The results customization options will show.
  2. flexiquiz quiz maker results page
  3. Ensure there is a tick in the box Show Results page. By default, a results page will show at the end of the quiz and this box will be ticked. If you do not want to show a results page, untick this box.
  4. Now, you can select what information you want to show on the page by ticking the relevant box. See below for a description of each option.
  5. If you want to add a message to the top of the page based on the respondent's grade, tick the box Pass/Fail message. You can add your text on the Pass and Fail message boxes.
  6. If you have used quiz redirects to link multiple quizzes, you have the option to show the results for all quizzes on this results page. Tick the box Show redirected quiz results.
  7. To attach a certificate, select the Certificate tab from the left-hand menu. Tick the box Enable download and remember to customize your certificate's design.

Your results page is automatically saved and added to the quiz.

You can view how the page looks by pressing the Preview button on the top right of your screen and completing the test.

What data you can show on the results page

Below is a list of the information that you can include with a brief description.

  • Name: Quiz takers name based on information from the registration page or Respondent portal.
  • Email: Quiz taker's email address that is based on information from the registration page or Respondent account information.
  • Result: Displays as a pass or fail. You can customize how people qualify for a pass on the grading screen.
  • Grade: The respondent's grade that you set on the grading tab.
  • Points score: The number of points that the respondent earned out of the total number available.
  • Percentage score: The percentage of points available that the respondent earned from the total available. The percentage score id shown on the score line.
  • Category scores: Number of points awarded for each category set in the question bank.
  • Duration: The time the respondent takes to submit the test - displayed in seconds, minutes and hours.
  • Review answers report: A PDF of the full quiz showing the participant's answers and the correct answers. You can also include the following information in the report:
    • Show question feedback: Share feedback based on correct or incorrect answers
    • Highlight correct answers: Highlights correct answers
    • Can download PDF: Allow test-takers to download and save the report
    • Show page times: Amount of time the participant has been on a particular page. The time is measured from when they open the page to when they move to the next page or submit the quiz.
    • Show category scores: Number of points for each category set within the question bank.
  • Show redirect quiz results: Option to display multiple quiz results that have been connected using quiz redirects.

How to customize the look of the results page

If you have an Essentials plan or above, you can customize the page's look. You can update text, colors, fonts and add a background image.

You can make the following changes from the Theme screen. From the Configure tab, select Theme on the left-hand menu.

quiz with background image

These are your styling options.

  • Background colors: Pick from our color pallet or add your own HEX code. You can change the color of the header, footer, sides or the whole page.
  • Background image: Add an image, icon or logo to the page.
  • Labels: Change the text and customize in any language.
  • Navigation buttons: There are various buttons you can choose to show on the page. All of the text can be customized in any language.
  • Header text: Update the text that shows on the page header.

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