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Sharing online quiz results in real-time

FlexiQuiz offers are choice of settings for you to decide what results to share with participants at the end of the quiz. When a respondent submits a quiz the results are instantly calculated and available for sharing with you, your nominees and the quiz taker.

You can choose to display results with participants on a page at the end of the quiz, by sending an email notification and on the Respondents dashboard.

The following types of results can be shared with the quiz taker:

  • Number of points for the correct answers
  • Percentage of answers that are correct
  • Grades
  • The amount of time taken to complete the quiz
  • A personalized message based on the quiz takers score
  • A category based score
  • Enterprise and Premium plan members can also share certificates based on the quiz takers grade

Or, you can choose to not share any results with the quiz taker.

This guide will show you how to create and configure a results page that will be shown to participants at the end of the quiz.

How to set up a results page

  • Create and configure your test
  • Go to the Configure tab and select Results from the left-hand menu

The following page will be displayed for you to configure quiz or test results:

page to configure quiz results
  • Tick the box Show results page
  • Select what information you would like to show quiz takers. The options include:
    • Name - This can only be shown if participants provide their name to register for the quiz or you have given a name when setting up a Respondent account
    • Email - Only available if participants provide an email address on the registration page or if it is provided on their respondent account
    • Result - Show a pass or fail result based on the participants score
    • Grade - Configure the grade based on the participants score. This could be an A, B, C or any free text
    • Points score - Total number of points the partcipant has been awarded for correct answers out of the total available points
    • Percentage score - % of points awarded for correct answers from the total available
    • Category scores - Number of points awarded for each category - Premium and Enterprise members only
    • Duration - Time taken to complete the test shown in seconds, minutes and hours.
    • Review answers report - A PDF of the full quiz showing the participants answers and the correct answers. You can also include the following information on the report:
      • Show question feedback - Shows any feedback you have added based on correct or incorrect answers
      • Highlight correct answers - Correct answers will be highlighted
      • Can download PDF - Allow quiz-takers to download and save the report
      • Show page times - The amount of taken the participants has taken to answer each page
      • Show category scores - Number of points for each category - Enterprise and Premium plan members only
    • Show redirect quiz results - This enables you to share multiple quiz results if they are connected by quiz redirect and the participant completes them straight away in the correct order. This option is available for Enterprise and Premium plan members only.

The results page will be shown to the quiz taker when they have answered the required questions and press submit. If you add a Thank You page, redirect or quiz re-take then participants will be able to access these options from the results page.

Top tip! Enterprise and Premium plan members can also change the headings and description text from the Theme page

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