Help / Customizing the results page

Sharing online quiz results in real-time

FlexiQuiz offers a choice of settings and options so you can decide what quiz results to share, with whom, and when. Or you can choose not to share any results.

With FlexiQuiz, you can choose to share the following types of results:

  • Number of points for the correct answers
  • Percentage of correct answers
  • Grades
  • Duration to complete the whole quiz or a page
  • Marked responses
  • Correct answers
  • Category-based scores
  • Certificates
  • Custom messages for a pass or fail result

You can share the data for your selected results in the following ways:

  • Add a results screen that is shown to test-takers when they submit the quiz.
  • Send email notifications when the quiz is submitted or at a later date.
  • Download and manually share data.

This guide shows you how to set up, configure, and style the results screen.

What is the results screen?

You have the option to add a results page to the end of the quiz. Participants will automatically see the results screen when they submit their quiz. Note! You can also opt not to display a results screen.

The results screen can share the information that you select, such as name, points awarded, and grade.

You can also customize the screen to reflect the rest of your quiz's look and feel by changing colors, background images, and text in any language.

From the results screen, you can direct people to their next action, such as to retake the quiz, download a certificate, take a different test based on grade or visit your website.

How to set up and configure a results screen

  1. Create and configure your test
  2. From the Configure tab, select Results from the left-hand menu
  3. The following page will be displayed for you to select which results to share:

    page to configure quiz results
  4. To ensure a results page is displayed, check the box Show results page
  5. Select what information you would like to show quiz takers. Your options include:
    • Name: Show the name of the participant based on information provided on the registration page or Respondent sign-up.
    • Email: Show the participants email address based on registration page or Respondent account information.
    • Result: Show a pass or fail result based on the participants score that is set on the Grading screen.
    • Grade: Share a custom grade based on the participants score. You can set this on the Grading screen.
    • Points score: Total number of points the participant's awarded for correct answers out of the total available points
    • Percentage score: % of points awarded for correct answers from the total available
    • Category scores: Number of points awarded for each category set in the question bank.
    • Duration: Time taken to complete the test shown in seconds, minutes and hours.
    • Review answers report: A PDF of the full quiz showing the participants answers and the correct answers. You can also include the following information on the report:
      • Show question feedback: Share feedback based on correct or incorrect answers
      • Highlight correct answers: Highlights correct answers
      • Can download PDF: Allow test-takers to download and save the report
      • Show page times: Amount of time the participant has been on a particular page. The time is measured from when they open the page to when they move to the next page or submit the quiz.
      • Show category scores: Number of points for each category set within the question bank.
    • Show redirect quiz results: Option to display multiple quiz results that have been connected using quiz redirects.
  6. To add a custom message at the top of the results screen, check the box Pass/ Fail message.. You can add a different message based on if someone passes or fails.
  7. You can customize the background colors, descriptions, headers, background images, and button text the the Theme tab.

The results screen will be shown to the quiz taker when they have answered the required questions and press submit. If you add a Thank You page, redirect or quiz re-take then participants will be able to access these options from the results screen.

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