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Creating a custom certificate for your quiz, test or exams

Certificates are a great way to acknowledge and reward your respondents for completing a quiz, project, exam, or test to a high standard. They are typically used across a range of organizations for various reasons such as recognizing the completion of annual compliance tests, product knowledge training, or motivating students to excel.

FlexiQuiz allows you to share a grade based certificate for tests submitted online. Certificates can include fixed and dynamic data fields such as a student's name, the date of completion, grade, date the certificate expires, or a unique certificate number.

FlexiQuiz offers a choice a certificate templates for the quiz maker to customize with relevant data. Or, you can choose to design and upload your template to include your organization's logo or signatures.

This guide will show you how to upload your certificate template and share some guidelines for creating your own.

How to upload your template

The certificate feature is available for FlexiQuiz Premium and Enterprise members.

  1. Create your own design - see guidelines and tips below.
  2. Create an online quiz or select any of your existing tests.
  3. From the Configure screen select Certificate from the left-hand menu.
  4. Set the rules for sharing the certificate:

    Enable download - it's shown on the respondent's results page at the end of the exam.

    Email notification - a certificate can be included on notifications sent to nominees or respondents.

  5. Next to Background, press the down arrow and select Custom from the drop-down menu.
  6. Press the blue Browse button and select the image file that you would like to upload in jpeg, png, BMP, or gif format.

    The file will open and display in the certificate box. Please allow a few minutes for the upload to complete.

    custom quiz certificate upload
  7. Select your certificate orientation - Landscape or Portrait.
  8. Configure the text copy and positioning to meet your requirements by using Line items. This can include fixed or dynamic text.
    • To delete any of the existing line item's press the X on the right-hand side of each line.
    • Any text that is not in a square or curly bracket is called fixed text and will remain the same on all certificates issued.
    • Any text that's in square brackets such as Name or Month Name is mapped to existing dynamic fields within the FlexiQuiz system.

      Important: Name is mapped to the First name and Last name that is collected on the FlexiQuiz registration page. If you change this text on the registration page the respondent's data will not be mapped to the certificate. You will need to add your new text from the registration page to the Line items using the curly brackets.

      how to configure text positioning on a certificate of achivement
    • Press more to see a full list of predefined tags. List of predefined tags that can be included on your certificate template
    • To map your tags, you will need to use curly brackets. For example, if you add a registration page and ask respondents to provide their Nom, Nombre, or student ID. This is what you would write on the certificate page: example for adding dynamic tags in another language

      Important: dynamic tags will only be displayed on the certificate if the data has been correctly captured during the quiz process. You will need to add a registration page to capture data such as name, class, age, or team.

  9. Once you've styled the quiz certificate, you can finish Configuring your quiz, Publish and Share.

Certificate design guidelines

  • You can create a certificate in a Portrait or Landscape design.
  • The image needs to be the following size: 1600px by 1130px
  • You can create a template using word or PowerPoint, or there are several online companies that can help you create a basic email template such as Canva or Design Wizard.
  • Top tip! If you're adding dynamic text on the same line as fixed text, use the FlexiQuiz line items.

YouTube video guides

Adding custom certificates to your quiz.

Relevant help guides

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