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Group testing online

If you have a large number of respondents, you may want to split them into groups, making it easier to assign and administer online testing. For example:

  • Teachers educating a large number of students can add learners to groups based on subjects and grade levels.
  • HR managers responsible for training and recruitment for the whole of the company can connect employees to a group based on their position and department.
  • Entrepreneurs creating online assessments for organizations can append respondents to a group within their company.

These are the benefits of using the groups feature on the FlexiQuiz, quiz maker platform.

  • Quick and easy to assign online assessments to the whole group without needing to individually select respondents.
  • Improved tracking, reporting, and analysis so that you can easily monitor responses and performance for everyone assigned to the group.
  • A simple way to work as a team as you can add Trainers with permissions allocated to view, edit and manage selected groups only.

This guide will show you how to create and manage a group.

How to create a group

  1. Log in to your FlexiQuiz account.
  2. Select Users from the top header.

    Your accounts users dashboard will open - from here, you can create and manage all user accounts, including Respondents, Trainers and Admins.

    Important: You will need the user accounts set up for anyone that you would like to add to your new group.

  3. Select Groups from the sub-header.

    Your groups dashboard will open.

    Groups dashboard for a quiz maker
  4. To add a new group, press the blue Create Group button.
  5. Complete the New group form: Form to add respondents to a group for online testing
    • Group name: add a tag to easily identify your group such as English Year 7 or Marketing department.
    • Assigned users: add Respondents, Trainers, or other Administrators who will be able to participate in examinations allocated to the group.
      • Press the green Assign Users button - a new window will open that displays any users connected to your main FlexiQuiz account.
      • Highlight each user that you would like to add to your group - Top tip! If you're adding multiple users, hold down the shift button to select extra respondents.
      • Press >> to move your users from the Available box to the Assigned box.
      • Press ok
    How to add respondents to the assessment group
    • Assigned Quizzes: Add tests to the group for assigned respondents to complete and trainers to manage.
    • Assigned Trainers: Assign trainers to the quiz group. They will have access to edit, view, and manage examination results based on the permissions you've set.
  6. Press the blue Save button.

The group is live and listed on your group dashboard.

How to manage your groups:

You can add or remove additional quizzes, respondents, and trainers at any time.

To delete a group

  1. Go to the groups dashboard.
  2. Press select action and choose delete from the drop-down menu.
  3. A pop up will ask you to confirm that you would like to delete the group.

Important! Deleted groups cannot be recovered. All of the quizzes and individual test results will be available on the main dashboard and analyze screens.

To add or remove quiz takers.

There may be times when employees and students join the organization, and you'd like to assign them to the relevant training group.

You have two options:

  1. Return to the groups dashboard and click on the relevant group - add the respondent to the assign user section.
  2. Go to the users dashboard and create or edit the respondent that you'd like to add.

To add or remove quizzes.

You have two options:

  1. Return to the groups dashboard and click on the relevant group - go to the assign quizzes section.
  2. When you're publishing a quiz select Assign Users/ Groups. Assigning a quiz to a group when you create an online test

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