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Automatic email notifications sent when the quiz is submitted

Notifications allow you to automatically email someone when one of your quizzes, tests, or courses are submitted. There are two types of notifications that you can send:

  • Participant notifications - a customized message will be sent to the person who has completed and submitted your quiz. You can share their results, thank them for taking the test or provide additional follow up information.
  • Self notification - a customized message will be sent to any email address that you provide. Self notifications can help you and other relevant people keep track of who has completed the quiz you created.

This guide shows you how to set up and share customized result notifications with quiz participants, nominees, and yourself. The email notification is automatically sent to your selected users when the test-taker submits the test.

How to create participant notifications that are automatically sent when the quiz is submitted

  1. Create a quiz, test or course
  2. Go to the Configure tab and select Notifications from the left-hand menu
  3. Scroll down the page and tick the box Email respondent
  4. Choose if you would like to add attachments by checking the relevant box:
    • PDF of results - information shown on the PDF will be based on your selections made on the Results screen.
    • Certificate - paid plan members can share a customized certificate with participants who pass the test.
  5. Tick the box Customize email messages
  6. Select the Respondent tab
  7. Customize the email subject line
  8. Customize the email message.
  9. This image is an example of how you can customize a notifications message:

    customize email notification to participants
  10. Select which results you would like to include - use the predefined tags or add any data collected on the registration page
  11. Important! Ensure the tags remain in square brackets [ ] and the registration field data stays in the curly brackets { }

    This image shows a list of available tags:

    Optional tags to include in quiz notification email

    Important! Ensure the FlexiQuiz system has collected the participant's email address when you distribute your quiz. For example:

    • If you're sharing by use a quiz link - add a registration page that includes an email address field for participants to enter their details.
    • Or you can send an email invite - the FlexiQuiz system will use the email address that you provide for sending the initial email invite.

  12. Finish configuring your test
  13. Publish your test

Participants will receive an email with their results when the quiz is submitted.

Self notifications

  1. Create a quiz, assessment or course
  2. From the Configure screen, select Notifications on the left-hand menu
  3. Tick the box Email results
  4. Add the email address for everyone you would like to receive an email notification when your quiz is completed - your email address list will receive a notification for everyone who completes the quiz
  5. Select any attachments you would like to add to the email message. Your options are:
    • PDF of the participants' answers
    • A copy of the participants' certificate
  6. self notifications page
  7. Scroll down the page to customize the message shown on the self or nominees email.
  8. Tick the box Customize email messages
  9. Keep or edit the email subject line.
  10. Keep or customize the data tags and message.
  11. Finish configuring and Publish your online quiz.

Every time a quiz is submitted, people on your email invite list will receive your message.

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