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Save quiz progress and continue

FlexiQuiz gives you the option to allow test takers to pause the quiz and resume later.

Test takers can save their progress on a particular exam and then continue where they left off without starting from the beginning. They can come back in a few hours or even a week and continue where they left the quiz.

This feature works well if it's a long quiz or there's a risk of disruption. Quiz takers can save their progress and resume the tests multiple times.

This guide will show you how the test taker can resume the test and add the save and continue option to your quizzes.

Respondent accounts

Quiz takers can access your exams by logging into their Respondent account using their unique username and password.

To pause the quiz, your respondents need to press save and continue or close the browser. If the close browser warning box is ticked respondents will get a message to say that their answers may not be saved.

The quiz taker can resume the quiz by logging back into their Respondent account. The test status will have changed from not started to in progress. Participants need to click on the test to continue.

respondent quiz taker dashboard

Find out more about sharing your quiz using respondent accounts.

Email invites

Quiz takers will access the test from a unique link within the email invite that you share.

Test takers can select save and continue during the quiz, to save all of their answers. Participants can continue the test using the same unique link.

Find out more about sharing with your quiz with an email invite direct from your FlexiQuiz account.


Quiz link

A quiz link is a generic link that you can share on your social media pages, website, or emails. Anyone can use the link to access your quiz.

Quiz takers get a new unique URL of they pause the test using save and continue. Participants will need to copy and paste the unique URL into their browser to continue taking the quiz.

example url is using sand continue

If students try and re-access the test with the generic URL, the quiz will start from the beginning and none of their previous answers will be shown.

Top tip! A copy of the quiz taker's unique link is saved on your analyze dashboard. Once the quiz is submitted, the unique link is no longer available on your dashboard.

analyze dashboard to get quiz URL

Learn more about sharing your online tests using a quiz link.

Time limits

When using save and continue with a time limit for the whole quiz or by page, the timer will only record the time that the user is in the test.

For example, If you set a time limit of 4 hours. The test taker starts the exam and saves it after 3 hours with 1 hour remaining of the 4 hours limit. When the test taker decides to continue the test, they will still have 1 hour remaining.

With save and continue, the timer will stop when the quiz is paused and start when participants resume the online test.

How to add the save and continue option to a quiz

  1. Create a quiz, test, or exam.
  2. Go to the Configure screen and select General from the left-hand menu.
  3. Tick the box Allow save and continue screen to tick save and continue
  4. Finish configuring and publish your online quiz.

Any quiz takers who complete your test will be able to select the option to save their answers and continue at a later time. There is no limit to the number of times that quiz participants can save and continue.

Important! Please make sure quiz takers are aware that when they press save and continue they're permitting their data to be kept.

example of quiz takers view with save and continue feature

How to change button text and color

You can change the button text to any language or words more familiar with your students.

  1. From the Configure screen, select Theme from the left-hand menu.
  2. Scroll down the page to Save and Continue button
  3. Type your new words in the text box.
  4. Select the color of the navigation button from the drop-down menu.
how to change navigation button text and color

Your changes are applied to the quiz. You can view how this looks to quiz takers by pressing preview on the page's top right.

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