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Creating Trainer accounts to manage quizzes

The Trainers feature enables you to create accounts for colleagues to manage tests within your FlexiQuiz account. You can set each Trainer different permissions based on the access they require, such as creating quizzes, editing, deleting, accessing the question bank, publishing tests, or viewing results.

Each Trainer will have a unique username and password to log in and manage assigned quizzes or groups based on the permissions you've set.

This guide shows you how to create a Trainer account and set permissions to only access the content you want them to view, edit, or delete.

How to create a Trainer account

  1. Log into your FlexiQuiz account.
  2. Select Users from the top menu to access your User dashboard.

    Your User dashboard lists all Respondents, Trainers, and Admins within your FlexiQuiz account.

    FlexiQuiz user dashboard

  3. Press Add User

    This is an image of the New User screen that allows you to create a Trainer account.

    screen to create a new FlexiQuiz quiz maker account
  4. Fill in the following mandatory fields:

    Username: The username needs to be unique as the Trainer will use this to log in to their FlexiQuiz account.

    • Top Tip! If the username is an email address, you can send a welcome email directly from your FlexiQuiz account. We can also validate their permissions if they need to contact the FlexiQuiz support team.

    Password: FlexiQuiz has randomly generated a password, but you can delete this and create your own. The Trainer will be able to update their password when they login to their account.

    User type: Select Trainer from the drop-down menu.

  5. You may want to complete the following optional information:


    First name

    Last name

  6. Check the permission boxes that provide the access you would like to assign the Trainer.
    • Important! Trainers permissions allow access to assigned quizzes and groups only.

    Permissions include the following functionality:

    Permission Functionality

    Manage users

    A user account is assigned to the Trainer when they're part of a quiz or group.

    • View the user dashboard that lists all assigned Respondent, Trainer and Admin accounts
    • Create new Respondent accounts manually or using bulk upload
    • Suspend Respondent, Trainer, or Admin accounts
    • Reset users passwords
    • Assign users to quizzes and groups
    • Trainers cannot change an Admins role or permissions

    Manage groups

    Users can only view and edit groups assigned to them as a Trainer.

    • Create new groups and assign themselves as a Trainer
    • View existing groups
    • Assign quizzes and users to a group

    Create/ edit quizzes

    • Access to the accounts main dashboard to view assigned quizzes
    • Add folders on the main dashboard
    • Create a new quiz
    • Access to all features on the create screen, including adding questions with answer options, adding welcome or thank you pages
    • Edit questions on existing quizzes
    • Add questions to the question bank
    • Copy quizzes
    • Merge tests

    Delete quiz/ results

    • Delete quizzes from the primary user's screen
    • If the Trainer has permissions for analyze/ reports, they can delete quiz takers results

    Important! We're not able to recover any quiz results or participant's answers deleted by a Trainer.

    View question bank

    Trainers will also need the create / edit quizzes box checked to access the question bank.

    • Add, edit, delete question categories
    • Add questions to the bank by checking the category box when creating a question
    • Bulk uploading questions
    • View, edit and delete all existing questions in the bank. You cannot recover deleted questions
    • Add questions from the bank to a quiz

    Configure quiz

    • Access and editing rights on the configure screen
    • Access to certificates, notifications, sell, results, theme, grading, and the general screen to add logos, quiz time limits, or more

    Publish quiz

    • Access to the Publish screen
    • Open and close assigned quizzes
    • Distribute tests using the quiz link or email invites
    • Create and customize the registration page
    • Delete email invitees
    • Assign quizzes to groups or user accounts

    Analyze/ reports

    • Access to the analyze screen to view results and reports for everyone who has taken the test
    • Download copies of quiz certificates
    • Change scores
    • View the answers given by each quiz taker
    • Export reports to an excel or PDF file
    • Retrieve the users URL if using save and continue

    Top Tip! You can change the permissions at any time.

  7. Assign quizzes and groups to the Trainer to complete as a quiz taker.

    Assigned quizzes: select quizzes that you would like the new user to complete.

    Assigned groups: assign the user to a group of quizzes or test takers.

  8. Assign quizzes and groups for the user to manage as a Trainer. The Trainer will have access to the quizzes and groups based on the permissions that you've set.

    Quizzes assigned as a Trainer:

    • Press the green Assign Quizzes button.
    • Highlight any online tests that you would like to transfer and press >>.
    • Assigned quizzes will move from the Available box to Assigned.
    • Press Ok.
    how to assign quizzes to trainer accounts

    Groups assigned as a Trainer - follow the same process as assigning quizzes.

  9. Press Save to generate the Trainer account with the permissions that you've selected.

The following pop up will appear that contains the Trainers username and password. If you've provided an email address in the username or email address fields, you can opt for FlexiQuiz to send a welcome email. confirmation page that the trainer account is live

The account is now live. The main user dashboard will include the new Trainers account. The Trainer will be able to login to their account with the username and password you've selected.

Check out our plans page to see how many Trainers you can add to your FlexiQuiz account.

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