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Analyzing responses to each question

The FlexiQuiz response summary report shows you how many times each answer option is selected.

This report is helpful for scored and non-scored quizzes, tests, exams, or surveys. For example:

Scored quizzes

  • The response summary identifies any trends in the answer given, such as common questions most people get wrong.
  • The trends help you spot cheating, validate students understand the question, and the class's strengths and weaknesses on a specific topic.
Scored quiz response summary report

Non scored quizzes

  • You can use the response summary to analyze a large number of responses for non-scored activities such as a survey or personality test. The summary can help you understand the most and least popular choices.
  • This image shows a survey with the number of responses to each question.
Survey response summary report

The response summary report can be downloaded in an excel file to easily share key data with others or convert it into attractive pie or bar charts.

How to access the response summary report

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. Select the relevant quiz from your main dashboard.
  3. Press the Analyze icon.
  4. Next to Report type, select Response Summary from the drop-down menu. Drop-down menu for the response summary report
  5. Scroll down the page to view the questions, answer options, number of responses, and percentage of responses for each answer option.
  6. To download the report in an excel file, click the Export icon.

You can view the answer responses for any quizzes that have been submitted.

Top tips!

  • This report works well with these question types:
  • For these question types, you can only view the percentage of responses that are correct:
  • The response summary report is not available for these question types:
  • The number of responses does not always match the number of participants.
    • Quiz takers may have been allowed to pick multiple answer options.
    • If using the question bank, the number of times each question is shown to respondents can vary.
    • Quizzes that are not submitted at not included.
  • If participants complete the quiz multiple times, the latest results are reflected in the report.

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