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FlexiQuiz Administrator accounts

Administrators (also known as Admins) have access to almost everything on your FlexiQuiz account including quizzes, users, groups and reports.

However, you can set permissions so that extra Admins can only access relevant parts of the quiz making process. So, you can give extra Admins access to everything or you can set permissions to only access what is relevant. For example, the Admin can create or edit quizzes but not view or delete results.

How to add extra Administrators to your FlexiQuiz account

If you are the primary Administrator with a Premium, Enterprise or Enterprise+ plan it's easy to add additional Administrators, all you need is their email address.

  1. To start, log in to your FlexiQuiz account and select Users from the top menu.
  2. This displays your users dashboard, where you can add and manage all users associated with your account. Press the blue Add user button. FlexiQuiz user management dashboard with button to add new Administrators to make and manage quizzes
  3. The new user screen appears where you can add the Admin's information. At a minimum, you need to provide a unique username and change the user type to Administrator
  4. Important! The username must be an email address and unique, meaning it's an email address not already used by anyone else on the FlexiQuiz platform. screen to complete profile for new Admin to make quizzes
  5. You can also choose to complete the following optional fields:
    • Password: FlexiQuiz automatically generates a random password, or you can add your own.
    • Permissions: By default, all permission boxes are ticked. To remove permissions untick the required box.
    • First name: First and last names are used for certificates and identifying the test-taker on the analyze screen.
    • Last name: Please see the information above.
    • Email: You can send email notifications to the address provided in this or the username field.
    • Organization: Add a reference such as company, team, department or country. Information! Organization is a new field and it's not yet available on any of the reporting.
    • Assigned quizzes: A list of examinations assigned to the user to complete as a test-taker.
    • Assigned groups: Groups that the user is assigned for taking online tests.
    • Notes: You can add some notes and memorable information about this user. Any Admins and Trainers with permission can view and edit the notes.
  6. Press the blue save button once you're ready to add the user to your FlexiQuiz account.

The new Admin account is now live and will appear on your user management screen.

New Admins can log in to their account with the username and password that you set up.

How to share the username and password with the account holder

Depending on the information you provided when setting up the Admin account, you can share the username and password with the user in the following ways:

If you include an email address in the username field:

  • You can send a custom welcome email directly from your FlexiQuiz account.
  • Enterprise customers can instantly send emails from their email accounts using our SMTP integration.

Learn more about sending welcome emails>>

If you did not provide an email address:

  • After you press save, a pop-up will appear that contains the Admin's unique username and password.
  • You can copy and paste this information to share with new users.

Top tips!

  • To maintain your account's security, we recommend that the main Admin reviews Admin and Trainer access regularly.
  • You can assign quizzes for Admins and Trainers to complete as a test-taker without needing an additional Respondent account. Admins and Trainers can access quizzes from the Assigned Quizzes tab which appears at the top of the page when quizzes are allocated.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I delete an Admin account?

All quizzes and courses created and managed by a user in an Administrator role, are assigned to the primary Admin.

All results from quizzes which the user took as a test-taker are deleted. This complies with GDPR rules. We cannot recover any deleted data.

How many additional Administrators can I add to my account?

If you have a Premium plan, you can add 1 extra Administrator or Trainer.

If you have the Enterprise plan, you can add up to 14 extra Administrators or Trainers.

You can easily add additional Administrators and Trainers to a Premium, Enterprise or Enterprise+ plan for only $7 a month.

Can the additional Administrators contact the FlexiQuiz support team?

FlexiQuiz can only respond to emails from Administrators or Trainers if the username on their account matches the email address they are contacting us from.

What is the difference between an Administrator and Trainer account?

An Administrator account has access to all quizzes, users, groups and reports linked to the main account based on the permissions you set. Administrators can also access billing information and custom email notifications.

A Trainer account only has access to assigned quizzes, groups, users and reports based on the permissions you set.

Can extra Admins make their own quizzes using the premium features on my FlexiQuiz account?

Yes, extra Admins can make quizzes if the permission box for Create/Edit quizzes has a tick. They can access all features including the question bank, images, video and audio.

When I try and add the new user, I get the message "Username is already being used and is not available". What should I do next?

The username must be unique across our whole platform and not just linked to your FlexiQuiz account.

If you get a message that the username is already in use, the user might be linked to a different FlexiQuiz account or they created one.

You have three options:

  • Ask the user to delete their existing FlexiQuiz account. They can do this by logging in and selecting Settings from the top menu. There is a button to delete their FlexiQuiz account.
  • Ask the user to change the username on their existing account.
  • You need to provide a different email address for the username

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