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Importing quiz questions with an excel spreadsheet

Do you have loads of questions and looking for a fast way to create a quiz? Importing questions is a quick and easy way to create a quiz with a large number of questions.

By uploading questions with FlexiQuiz, you can:

  • Add multiple questions to an existing quiz.
  • Add the items to your question bank.

All you need to do is download the FlexiQuiz template, add your questions, scoring, answer, and formatting options.

This guide walks you through each step for completing the template and uploading your questions.

How a quiz using excel

Administrators and Trainers can import questions with the relevant permissions.

  1. To start, log in to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. From your main dashboard, select the quiz that you would like to import your question to or create a new test.
  3. Go to the Create screen on your test
  4. Press Add item and choose Import questions from the drop-down menu FlexiQuiz create page
  5. Press download template to access a copy of the FlexiQuiz spreadsheet FlexiQioz page to download question spreadsheet
  6. Please read all of the instructions before completing the template. Import quiz questions spreadsheet

    Top tips!

    • Do not move or delete any of the columns, or the file will not upload correctly.
    • You can leave some of the columns blank, such as the options.
    • It's not possible to upload images, files, audio, or video using the template. However, you can add media to your quiz after the questions have been uploaded.
    • If you want to add questions to a category in your bank, you will need to create the category before uploading the file.


    Question text: Enter the text for your question, statement, or challenge.

    Question type: Choose the question type - see options below. If this column is left blank, questions will be uploaded as a Single Choice (drop-down).

    Points type: Choose how you would like to award points from the drop-down menu.

    Question points: Award points when the test-taker gets the whole question correct. If you leave this space blank, the system will automatically award one point.

    Option points: Award or deduct points based on the answer options that the test-taker selects.

    Required: Select yes from the drop-down menu if the test-taker needs to respond before the quiz is submitted.

    Question feedback: Provide feedback after the test-taker responds to the question. You can choose to score and share feedback during the quiz or at the end.

    Question categories: To add a question to the question bank, you must provide a category already in the bank.

    Randomize options: Shuffle the order of the answer options every time the quiz is taken. Choose yes or no from the drop-down menu.

    Option 1 Text: Enter the text for the first answer option or matching text.

    Option 1 Correct: If you have chosen to award question points - select yes or no if you would like the FlexiQuiz system to award points for this answer.

    Option 1 Points: If you have chosen option points - set how many points you would like to award for this option. The points can be a positive or negative number.

    Question types:

    Single choice (radio buttons): Test-takers can choose on correct response from a list of possible responses.

    Single choice (drop-down): Test takers can select one answer options from a drop-down menu of answer options.

    Multiple choice: Test takers can select one or more answer options from the list of possible answer options.

    Matching text: Users type their response; this can be matched to a predefined list of correct answer options.

    Free text: Users manually enter text in response to your question, statement, or challenge. You will need to mark and grade free text questions manually.

    Due to the nature of the responses, it's impossible to upload fill-in-the-blanks or picture choice questions.

    quiz question spreadsheet with completed fields
  7. Save a copy of the excel file in excel 2012 or later.
  8. Return to the
  9. Press Select file and choose the correct FlexiQuiz template
  10. Please allow a few moments for the file to upload.
  11. Your questions will be added to your selected quiz on your existing page or a page set on the spreadsheet. Create screen with spreadsheet question
  12. If you've provided a category, the questions will also be added to your question bank.
  13. You can format and size the questions on the Theme screen. Enterprise members can also use google fonts.
  14. Finish configuring your quiz and share.

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