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Creating your question bank

FlexiQuiz offers a choice of quick and easy ways to add all your quiz questions to your question bank.

Account Administrators and Trainers with permissions to Create/ Edit quizzes can add any question to the bank.

These are your options:

  • You can add questions individually when you create or edit questions within the FlexiQuiz create screen.

    This method works well if you've created some great questions in an existing quiz that you'd like to save for use in the future. You need to add questions individually if you're including media or using fill-in-the-blanks or picture choice questions.

  • Or, upload multiple questions using the FlexiQuiz excel template.

    This option works well if you would like to add a large number of questions quickly.

This guide provides step by step instructions on adding questions to your bank individually or with a bulk upload.

How to add questions individually

  1. Create an online quiz or edit an existing test
  2. Go to the New Question or Edit Question screen
  3. Add your questions - any question type can be added to your bank using this method
  4. Format your questions. Your formatting options will be saved in the bank including required and answer option randomization
  5. Set the number of points that you would like to award for each question
  6. Tick the check box for Set categories
  7. A categories section will appear. Press the down arrow on the Add button

    The drop-down menu lists all existing categories and gives you the option to add a new category

    New questions screen showing location of categories check box
  8. To add a question to a new category, press New category, enter a name, and press save.
  9. To add your question to an existing category, highlight and click on the relevant name

    Top tip! You can add your questions to multiple categories

  10. When you've completed your question, press Save

Your question is now saved within the quiz and stored in the bank.

Important! If you delete the question from the quiz, it will automatically remove the item from the bank.

How to add multiple questions to your bank

  1. From your main dashboard, create or edit an existing quiz.
  2. Choose Add Item and select Import questions from the drop-down menu Create screen drop down menu with import questions
  3. A pop-up will appear. Press download template to open the excel file download bulk upload questions template
  4. Fill in the spreadsheet by adding your questions and choosing the relevant formatting options

    Important! To add the questions to your bank, you will need to include a category name that is live in your question bank

  5. Once the spreadsheet is complete, return to FlexiQuiz and press Select file
  6. Upload the completed excel template

Please allow a few minutes for the questions to upload to your bank.

Learn more about importing questions on an excel spreadsheet.

You can view the questions within your bank at any time by pressing Add Item and select Question Bank from the drop-down menu.

Top tips when adding questions using the excel spreadsheet

  • You can upload up to 1000 questions at one time using the excel spreadsheet
  • You cannot include picture choice or fill-in-the-blanks questions
  • You cannot upload media such as video, pictures or audio as part of the quiz questions
  • There is a maximum of ten answer options on a MCQ
  • You cannot upload questions for live quizzes

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