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A wide choice of quiz configuration tools

FlexiQuiz is a flexible online quiz maker designed to help you create any quiz, test, assessment, or examination.

We offer a wide choice of flexible configuration options to help you design and manage customized quizzes that meet your objectives. From marketing campaigns to formal examinations, there is a choice of options to enable you to create a professional-looking custom quiz that delivers results.

The configuration options have been split into categories to help make it easier for you to find the most suitable choices for your quizzes.

This guide shows you how to find the configuration options and briefly describes the tools split by category.

Accessing the Configuration screen

Configuration options are available to the main account Admin and Trainers/ Admins with the relevant permissions.

To start, you will need to create an online quiz.

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account and from your main dashboard, click Create Quiz
  2. Add a name for your quiz, test or course and press save.
  3. The quiz builder page is displayed. The builder is split into four sections: Create, Configure, Publish and Analyze.

    In this guide we're going to focus on the features within the Configure section.

  4. Select the Configure tab.
  5. The Configuration page is displayed, with options split into categories displayed on the left-hand navigation bar.
  6. You can select the relevant options at any time and your quiz is instantly updated.
Configuration tab

Description for each configuration category

  • General

    Create a fun, engaging and challenging quiz experience utilizing a wide choice of features, including: Progress bar, page names, add your logo, remove FlexiQuiz branding. time limits, randomize questions, set the maximum number of times the quiz can be attempted, redirect on quiz completion, set quiz start and end dates, question layout and more.

  • Grading

    Set any type of grade that meets your organization's needs, this can be anything from A, B, C to personal messages like star performer. Set actions based on the quiz takers grade to provide a customized experience such as feedback or redirect to another quiz or URL.

  • Results

    Manage any results that you would like to share with quiz takers during or after the test. There is a wide choice of options you can share such as, time taken to complete the quiz, the correct answers, score by category and more.

  • Certificate

    Make a customized certificate to be automatically sent to respondents based on results. You can upload your logo, signature or branding and FlexiQuiz can include the users name, score or other required information.

  • Notifications

    Set triggers to automatically notify yourself, colleagues or quiz takers when a test has been submitted.

  • Theme

    Personalize the design and style of your quiz pages. Paying customers have the option to change: all background themes, text on navigation buttons, alignment or text and buttons, size and color of fonts, plus much more.

  • Sell

    Easily start making money from your quiz or course, by adding a payment page to the start of your quiz, test, or exam. The page can be customized to reflect your quiz product, pricing, and brand.

New tools are being added all the time and are highlighted on our what's new pages.