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Choosing a great vocabulary quiz maker

What is a vocabulary test or quiz?

A vocabulary test or quiz measures someone's understanding of the meaning of a selection of words. You can create a quiz to evaluate the width and depth of vocabulary that someone may have.

Vocabulary quizzes are often used in companies as part of the recruitment process to assess the capabilities of potential employees. Schools and universities will also use vocabulary assessments as part of their education program to help improve students' grammar.

Using a vocabulary test maker like FlexiQuiz is easy. You can create hundreds of tests for students at all levels to complete in the classroom or remotely.

Types of vocabulary tests

Various types of vocabulary assessments can be shared to understand the participants' understanding of words, synonyms, antonyms, and phrases.

This section will show you some of the types of tests that can be created with FlexiQuiz,

  1. Matching words with images

    With this question type, respondents must link images to the correct word. There are several ways to apply this with FlexiQuiz:

    1. Display a mix of pictures and words and ask students to match the correct image to the relevant term. Create this question using our fill in the blanks question type.
    2. Share a word or phrase and ask students to match this against a choice of images. We've created an example of this using our picture choice question type. vocabulary test using images
  2. Match the word with the definitions

    You share a word and offer several definitions or synonyms of which one is correct. Create this question using our single-choice or multiple-choice question types.

    Vocabulary quiz using multiple choice
  3. Identification

    Students are shown one main word with a choice of three answer choices, they will need to correctly identify which is a synonym, antonym, or is not relevant. To create this the quiz maker would use the fill in the blanks question type.

  4. Open-ended questions

    You can share a word and ask students to write a definition or synonym for the term. Create this question using the essay question type, although it will need to be manually marked.

  5. Fill the gaps

    This question comes in the form of a sentence, and the respondent needs to guess the missing word correctly. You can create this question using fill in the blanks or matching text. Students will also need to spell the word correctly based on the answer options that you provide. Or you can create a multiple-choice question so that students can pick from a choice of words.

    Example test using a fill in the blanks question
  6. Odd one out

    Give students a list of words or phrases, and they have to correctly identify which one is not part of the group.

    You can create this type of question using the single-choice question type.

    Example of a multiple choice question

Benefits of creating an online vocabulary test

  • With a variety of online tools, it's possible to create fun and engaging tests for students of all ages and abilities.
  • Tests can be taken remotely on any device as part of home working or homeschooling.
  • Tests can identify the respondent's strengths and weaknesses through a range of FlexiQuiz features such as question banks, time limits, maximize quiz attempts, and more.
  • FlexiQuiz will automatically mark and score your tests, except for essays and file upload questions. Auto scoring can save you time, leaving you free to relax.

How to create an online vocabulary quiz

  1. To start, choose a vocabulary quiz maker like FlexiQuiz.
  2. Create or login to your FlexiQuiz account.
  3. From your main dashboard, select create quiz and enter a quiz name.
  4. Choose to add a Welcome screen or move straight to the questions.
  5. Add your questions with the relevant question type - see the suggestions shown above.
  6. Configure the test with background themes, time limits, logos, progress bars, and more.
  7. Publish and share your online quiz.
  8. FlexiQuiz will automatically score any completed exams. Your participant's results will be tracked in real time and displayed on your analyze screen.

FlexiQuiz is an online vocabulary quiz maker where you can build tests for free with up to 10 questions and share with up to 20 people. Sign up to FlexiQuiz to start.

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