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Creating quizzes with a countdown timer

Adding a time limit to your online test means that quiz takers will need to submit their responses within the time allowed. The quiz or page will be automatically submitted when the time limit expires - even if the test-taker has not responded to all the questions.

example quiz with a countdown timer

With FlexiQuiz, there are three ways to set a time limit on a quiz.

  • The whole quiz.
  • Specific pages.
  • Both the entire quiz and specific page or pages.

A countdown clock is displayed so that students can track how much time they have left. You can customize the look and feel of the clock to engage your target audience.

There are many benefits of creating a timed test, such as:

  • A timed test helps to prevent cheating as you can set the time that limits the ability for students to research the answers.
  • Timed examinations can check that a student has learned the information and knows how to apply it efficiently.
  • Time limits can also be used to create fun online games that challenge people to think fast if they want to score vital points.

This guide shows you how to add and manage time limits on your quizzes.

How to create an online quiz with a countdown timer

  1. Create a quiz, test, or examination.
  2. Go to the Configure/ General screen.
  3. To add a time limit for the entire quiz:
    • Tick the box Time limit
    • Add the amount of time you would like to allow for the quiz in hours and minutes.
    Showing where to select timer option when making a quiz

    Top tip! The countdown timer starts when the respondent opens the first question. A welcome page allows you to share pertinent information with respondents before starting the timer.

  4. To add a time limit to select pages:
    • Tick the box Page time limits
    • Next, enter the time limit for each page in hours, minutes, seconds.
    Where to enter a time limit for each quiz page

    Important! The time limit is linked to the page and not the question. If you want a crucial question to have a specific time limit, the randomize questions feature is not available.

  5. Customize the look and feel of the timer. The following options are available on the Theme(details below) screen.
    • Change the font, size, and color of the countdown timer.
    • Choose to position the timer at the top or bottom of the quiz page.
    • Change the text on the timer. You can add the timer text in any language.
    • Update the expired time limit messages shown to respondents. time limit expired message shown to test takers
  6. Finish configuring your text.
  7. Publish your quiz.

How to fix the position of the timer

You can fix the position of the countdown timer so that it's always visible to test-takers when they scroll up and down the question pages.

Follow these simple steps to fix the timer to the bottom of the page:

  1. From the Configure screen, select Theme on the left-hand menu.
  2. Go to the Timer and change alignment from Top to Bottom. how to fix timer to bottom of quiz page
  3. Next, go to the General screen.
  4. Scroll down the page to Navigation bar position and from the drop-down menu, select Fixed. How to fix the quiz page

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