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The latest features to help you develop the best quizzes, tests and assessments.

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New feature highlights

At FlexiQuiz, we release many new features and fix any minor bugs throughout the year.

Each new feature is built for you. We aim to keep improving your quiz-making experience so that it's more simple, efficient, and productive while improving test-taker engagement.

If you have any suggestions for new features, we would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch with any ideas or feedback. Although we'd like to build all of the new features that you suggest, it's not always possible. Our resources are limited, so we try and prioritize features that we believe will appeal to as many quiz makers as possible.

This page provides information about our new features and any minor bug fixes.

April 21: Bookmark questions, matching question type, an easy way to copy questions, and more.

Matching question type.

We've added a 9th question type called matching.

Matching consists of two columns where quiz participants need to pair items in the first column with the correct option in the second column.

Matching quiz question with image of beach

Bookmark quiz questions.

Allow test-takers to bookmark questions that they can refer to during the quiz.

There may be times when a student finds a question quite tricky. The bookmark feature allows test-takers to flag the question and quickly return to answer at a later time.

Take this quick quiz to see how the bookmark feature works for test-takers.

You can set up bookmark questions on the Configure/ General screen.

Easier access to reporting of Respondent results.

The Reports/ All Users screen lists all Respondent accounts with a summary of the number of quizzes assigned, completed, and achieving a pass grade.

The reports page now allows you to press on the + symbol to access detailed quiz results for each Respondent instantly.

Send results at a later time customization.

We recently added a new feature to enable you to email quiz results to participants at any time.

We had a minor bug which meant that you could not customize the email address on the registration page. This has now been fixed.

You can now add a registration page and customize the Email address field.

Copy questions

Quickly and easily copy questions and paste into another quiz and page.

Top new features in 2020

Create a quiz with Google fonts.

Enterprise members can now customize their tests further with a choice of over 1,000 google fonts.

Fonts are applied using the CSS editor.

quiz created with google fonts

Enterprise members need to contact us for further information on how to use these fonts.

Save and continue later.

We have added new options to the save and continue feature.

You can allow test-takers to request an email with the save and continue URL. By receiving an email, test-takers don't need to remember to copy and save the URL.

You can customize the save and continue email from your settings screen.

Find out more about our save and continue feature.

Add a registration page to email invites.

You can now add a custom registration page when sharing your quiz using email invites.

Email quiz results to test takers at any time.

Send a results email at any time direct from your Analyze screen.

You can customize emails in any language, attach certificates and a PDF of all questions.

Learn more about sending emails with results.

Send custom username and password reminders to Respondents.

Send account notifications to Respondents, Admins, or Trainers direct from your User dashboard.

Add messages to the registration page.

A registration page can be added to the start of a quiz shared using an email invite or quiz link. The registration page can be used to capture data and pre-populate any custom certificates.

You can now add a free format message to the top or bottom of the registration page.

Other new developments.