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Ways to email quiz results to participants

With FlexiQuiz, you can send a custom email to test-takers based on a pass or fail score. Emails can be a great way to keep test-takers engaged by sharing their score, feedback, words of encouragement, or share the next steps.

You can choose to automatically send an email when the quiz is submitted or at a later time. You can share a custom message in any language with the option to attach an answers PDF and certificate.

This guide shows you how to:

  • Set up automatic emails sent when the quiz is submitted.
  • Send result emails at a later time.
  • How to capture the quiz taker's email address.
  • Send emails integrated with SMTP - Enterprise members only.

How to send automatic results emails

Automatic result notifications are emailed as soon as the quiz is submitted.

Top tip! Emails can only be sent to participants with a valid email address.

  1. Create a quiz, test, or course.
  2. Go to the Configure tab and select Notifications from the left-hand menu.
  3. Scroll down the page and check the box Email respondent.
  4. Choose if you would like to add any attachments by checking the relevant box.

    PDF of results: Attach a PDF. You can configure the information on the PDF through the results screen.

    Certificate: Attach a custom certificate when students pass the test.

  5. To only send a results email when the student passes, check the box Email if pass. This means that the test-take will not receive an email if they fail. FlexiQuiz options for attachments on quiz result emails
  6. Choose if you would like to customize the email message and subject line. You can also create different messages based on if the student passes or fails.

    How to customize the email:

    • Check the box Customize email messages.
    • Select the Respondents pass or fail tab.
    • Enter your text on the email subject line
    • Enter your text within the email message box.
    • Select what data you would like included:
    • Any data in square brackets is pre-defined by the system and auto populates when the email is sent.
    • You will need to use curly brackets for any data not defined. For example, if you customize the headings on the registration page, the data will need to be mapped. So if I change 'first name' to 'nom', 'known name', or 'superhero name,' this will need to be added to the email using curly brackets. Please see the example below. screen to customize flexiquiz email result notifications

Your updates are automatically saved. Emails will be sent to qualifying test-takers when their quiz is submitted.

How to send emails at a later time

You can send results to test-takers (with a valid email address) at any time directly from your Analyze screen.

  1. Create, customize and share your quiz.
  2. Once the quiz is submitted, go to the Analyze screen.
  3. From the analyze table, choose the relevant test-taker and press select action.
  4. If the FlexiQuiz system holds a valid email address, the email results option will be listed. email quiz results option
  5. Press email results.

    A pop-up will appear and ask if you are ready to send the email. Top tip! You can customize the email on the Notifications screen.

  6. When you're ready to send the email, press Ok.

    A pop-up will appear to confirm that the email has been sent.

How to capture the test-takers email address

There are various ways to capture the test-takers email address depending on how you share your quiz.

Respondent accounts: You can provide an email address on the username or email address fields.

Email invite: The results notification will be sent to the email you provide on the initial invite.

Quiz link: You will need to capture an email address using a registration page. You can also mandate the email address field to ensure the test-taker provides the information.

SMTP integration

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP protocol used for sending emails. SMTP cannot store or retrieve emails.

SMTP emails are sent from your domain, and you are responsible for managing opt outs.

SMTP sends the email from the FlexiQuiz server to your server so that the result email contains the correct FlexiQuiz information and can be sent.

If you're an Enterprise plan member, contact us for more information.

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