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Live quizzes overview

Host a fun interactive game using the FlexiQuiz live quiz feature.

A live quiz allows you to host a real-time quiz with players that can consist of students, friends, or family. Players can view and respond as you present each screen. Track performance and keep your audience engaged with a leaderboard after every question.

Create an awesome custom quiz by adding your questions with interactive features such as images, time limits, and booster points.

  • Important! Live quiz is different from our classic quiz type. The classic quiz types give you the ultimate flexibility and allow test-takers to answer the questions at their own pace within the set time. Learn more about the difference between standard and live quizzes.

This guide is a summary of how to create and host a live quiz game.

Getting started

To start, log in to your FlexiQuiz account. If you don't already have an account, you can create one for free in less than a minute.

From your main dashboard, press Create Quiz and pick the Live Quiz option.

Enter a name for your quiz and press Create Quiz.

Create your quiz slides

You can choose to add slides with questions or informative text/media slides.

Create a live quiz screen


To add a question, press the Question button.

Choose the type of questions that you would like to ask. Your options are:

  • Single choice: Players can select one answer from a list of two or more options
  • Multiple choice: Players can select multiple answers from a list of two or more options
  • Picture choice: Players pick one answer from a list of options displayed as images
  • Fill-in-the-blanks: Players fill in the blank space within your statement, sentence, or calculation
  • Matching Players match the text in column one with the answer options displayed in a drop-down format in the second column
  • Free text: Allow players to provide free format answers or feedback. You will need to score this question type manually

Add the question you would like to ask and add any answer options. You can then format your question, for example:

  • Time limit: Set the amount of time that players are allowed to answer the question.
  • Points: You can choose how many points to award for getting the whole question correct or each answer option. In addition, you can select not to award any points.
  • Images: Upload your own pictures or pick one from the Unsplash library.

Each question is on a separate slide, and depending on your plan type; you can add unlimited questions.

Text/media slide:

You can create a slide using text, images, or embedding a YouTube video.

The slide has no scoring, and players cannot respond. It's a great way to share information or to give players a short break.

Configure your quiz

Adjust the same settings to create a quiz that engages your audience. For example:

  • Award a time points bonus
  • Randomize questions
  • Auto number questions
  • Share custom grading
  • Share a custom certificate

Top tip! The options may vary depending on your plan.

Configure live quiz page

Demo your quiz

You have the option to practice your quiz as a host or a player.

Press the Play Demo button and choose if you would like to view the quiz as a host or player. You play with computer-generated virtual players to provide the whole experience of the game.

Buttons to play demo as a host or player

Find out more about playing the demo.

Invite players to join

Press the green Play Live Quiz button once you're ready to invite players to join your quiz.

Your quiz lounge screen opens that includes the following information:

  • The quiz access code that your audience needs to quote to join this quiz game. Top tip! The code is valid for 7 days.
  • A list of the nicknames for everyone waiting to play to your quiz.
  • The number of players waiting to participate in the quiz and the number of players you are allowed.
  • The start button that displays the first screen on your quiz.
FlexiQuiz live quiz lounge

Players can access your quiz by going to live, quoting the access code, and providing a nickname.

Players see a holding screen until you are ready to start the quiz.

Top tip! Players can only view the slides when you share them.

Play your quiz

Once all the players have joined, you can start presenting your quiz.

From your quiz lounge, press Start quiz.

There is a 3-second countdown before the first slide appears.

Live quiz three second countdown

Players can view the questions, text, images, and select their answers on devices such as a mobile, tablet, or laptop. You can also choose to share your screen on a projector or zoom.

matching quiz question with an image

Find out more about the player experience.

Tracking results

Once the game starts, it shows how many players have submitted their answers on the top left of the question screen. If you have added a time limit, you can check the countdown timer at the top of the page>

View answers

The answer screen appears after all players have submitted their responses, the timer runs out, or you want to stop any further submissions.

The screen shows the correct answers and how many chose the right option and/or how many chose each option.


To view the leaderboard, press Results.

The leaderboard displays the scores for the players with the most points based on your set-up.

Live quiz leaderboard

To get to the top of the leaderboard, players need to select the correct answers in the fastest time.

At the end of the game, the top 3 players are presented with virtual medals.

You can also choose to award custom certificates to all players who achieve a minimum percentage of the total available points.

All results are saved in real-time on your Analyze screen

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