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Add a logo, image, or icon to your quizzes

Adding your companies logo to your quiz is a great way to support and promote your brand.

A logo, image, or icon also provides the test-taker with the assurance that they are taking the right quiz.

online quiz with a logo


FlexiQuiz, you can add your company logo, an icon, or a small image to a header at the top of every page, including:

Enterprise customers can also add a company logo to Respondent portals.

This guide shows you how to create a quiz with a logo, image, or icon on the top header of every page.

How to add a logo to your quiz header

  1. Make an online quiz, test, or examination.
  2. Go to the Configure/ General screen.
  3. Next to the Display options, tick the box Logo Add logo to your quiz
  4. Press the Browser button to upload your logo.
  5. For the best results, logos should be:

    Maximum file size: 1 MB or less

    Dimensions: Width - small 100 px, medium 200 px, large 300 px.

    You can also reduce the size of your image using a tool such as tinypng.

  6. Upload your logo Logo configuration options added when you build a quiz
  7. Confirm the size you want the logo to show on the quiz pages.
    • The auto-size box is automatically ticked to allow the logo to resize for any device.
    • To adjust the size of your logo, untick the auto-size box.
  8. Confirm the logos position on the header - to the page's left, middle, or right-hand side.
    • Press the drop-down menu next to alignment and choose the correct position.

    Your logo is instantly added to all of the pages on your online quiz.

    online aptitude test with logo top left
  9. You can check how the logo looks by pressing Preview on the top right of the screen.
  10. Choose the background color for the header.
    • Select Theme from the left-hand menu.
    • Scroll down to Logo
    • Enter a HEX code for the background or choose from the FlexiQuiz color chart.
  11. Finish configuring and publish your quiz.

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