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Adding your brand logo

You can add your logo, an icon or a gif to the header on all pages when using the FlexiQuiz classic quiz template.

If your account is on the Essentials plan or above, you can add your logo across the user's journey, such as PDF reports and Respondent portals.

This guide shows you how to add your brand logo, icon or gif to page headers on a classic quiz.

How to add a logo to a page header

  1. Use the classic quiz template to start building your test, learning materials or course.
  2. Go to the Configure tab and select General from the left-hand menu.
  3. On the Display section, tick the box Logo
  4. Next press the Browse button to upload your logo, icon or gif. The file should be 5 MB or less.
  5. For the best results, we recommend condensing your image using a tool such as tinypng.
  6. You'll now see your logo displayed in the logo management screen.
  7. place to add logo on quiz maker screen
  8. Tick the show logo on quiz box to add the image to your page headers.
  9. You can adjust the sizing of the logo in several ways.
    • To change the logo to our recommended dimensions, tick the box fit logo to header. The system will automatically adjust the size of your logo and maintain the aspect ratio.
    • To manually change the dimensions, enter the required pixels in the width and height boxes. To keep proportional dimensions, tick the box maintain aspect ratio box.
  10. To select the logo's position on the header, press the drop-down menu next to quiz alignment. You can put the logo on the header's left, middle or right-hand side.

    Your logo is instantly added to all pages on your online quiz.

  11. To see how the logo looks on the page, press the preview icon on the top right of your screen. Important! The logo will only show if you have at least one question or content item on your quiz.
  12. Logo on a quiz created with FlexiQuiz
  13. The background banner for the logo is automatically set to white, however, you can change the color by following these steps:
    • Select Theme from the left-hand menu.
    • Scroll down to Background colors.
    • You can add your color in the Logo header box. Enter a HEX code for the background or choose from the FlexiQuiz color chart.
  14. Finish configuring and publish your quiz.

Frequency asked questions

Can I remove the FlexiQuiz branding on the bottom of the page?

Yes, if you have a Premium account or above, you can remove the FlexiQuiz text from the bottom of all pages. Learn more >

Where else can I add my brand logo during the respondent journey?

There are several places you can add your logo, including;

Can I upload a gif?

Yes, you can upload a gif file. This is how a gif can look on your quiz.

Music quiz with gif on header

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