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Your main dashboard

The 'main dashboard' is a dashboard that Admins and Trainers can view in their FlexiQuiz account. This dashboard is where you can see and manage all your quizzes, tests, or exams that are listed in alphabetical order.

The dashboard is the first page that you see when you first log in to FlexiQuiz. Plus, you can easily access your dashboard at anytime by selecting Dashboard from the top menu.

main quiz maker dashboard

Creating a new quiz

  1. To create your first quiz, press the blue Create Quiz button.
  2. Next, give your quiz a name and press Create quiz.
  3. You will be taken directly to the quiz editor, where you can add your questions, configure exam options, and publish your test.

Checking your quiz status

From your dashboard, you can view the status of each quiz:

  • In Design: The examination is being developed and has never been published. Test-takers cannot access your content.
  • Open: The quiz is live, and users can access your test based on the configuration options you have selected.
  • Closed: The quiz is closed, and test-takers cannot view your quiz.
quiz status dashboard

Understanding the icons and select action options

Each quiz on your dashboard has icons and a select action menu option on the right-hand side. From left to right they are...

  • Analyze: This takes your directly to the Analyze screen to view all quiz responses.
  • Preview: This shows you a sample of the quiz to complete as a test-taker.
  • Select action:
    • Edit: This takes you directly to the quiz editor.
    • Rename: Change the name of this quiz.
    • Copy: Make another copy of the quiz (this does not copy the response data)
    • Merge: Merge a different quiz on your dashboard with this test.
    • Delete: Delete the quiz and all response data.
    • Move to folder: Add the quiz to a folder.

Your access to these options may depend on your account type and the permissions associated with your account.

Sorting quizzes into folders

You can sort your quizzes into folders for better organization.

  1. Click the +Create folder icon. arrow pointing to button to create a folder
  2. Give your folder a name and press Create folder.
  3. To add quizzes to the folder, select move to folder from the select action drop-down menu.
  4. Choose which folder you would like to add the quiz to and press the blue move button.

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