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Customizing a Respondent portal

A Respondent portal is a personalized account for each quiz taker to log in to with their own unique username and password. From their portal, respondents can view, track, and complete all assigned quizzes, exams, or tests. Find out more about Respondent portals >>

With FlexiQuiz, Enterprise you can customize data and styling to reflect your brand. This provides a professional experience for your students or employees that positively reflects your organization's look and feel.

We also offer several ways for Respondents to sign in to the portal without the need to go through the main FlexiQuiz site. This includes:

  • A direct link from your site to the portal using the unique Respondent portal URL.
  • Embedding the Respondent portal in your site using an HTML iFrame.
  • APIs and webhooks.

This guide shows you how to customize your quiz taker's Respondent portals.

How to customize the Respondent portals

All account Administrators can customize the portal with the options shown below. Configuration settings are applied to all Respondent accounts associated with the main FlexiQuiz account.

How to set up:

  1. Log in to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. Select Settings from the top header
  3. Select General from the left-hand menu.
  4. Choose how you would like the portal to look by ticking and unticking the relevant boxes. Settings page for the respondent portal

These are the descriptions for each option:

  • Display score on dashboard - displays the quiz taker's most recent score against each test.
  • Display folders on dashboard - the folders replicate your folders on the main Administrators dashboard. The folders can help your students view and track a large number of quizzes. However, respondents are unable to create or edit their own folders.
  • Display settings screen - the settings screen allows students to update their passwords.
  • Display logout button
  • Open the quizzes in a new window
  • Display FlexiQuiz branding - untick the box to remove the footer and FlexiQuiz logo from the top banner. Please ensure that all Respondents sill complies with the FlexiQuiz Terms of Use.
  • Display own logo - you can upload your own organization's logo to be displayed in the top left of the page.

Any Respondent portals associated with your main account will automatically be updated with the new settings that you've selected.

This is an example of a Respondents customized dashboard:

example of the quiz takers account log in page

Note! Enterprise members can contact us for access to the following options:

  • A dedicated URL for quiz takers to access the Respondent portal directly instead of logging in through the main FlexiQuiz site.
  • Embed code - using the code that we provide, you can embed the Respondents portal within your own website using an HTML iframe.

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