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Create and sell online quizzes, tests, and exams

With FlexiQuiz, you can sell access to your quizzes by adding a sell landing page to the start of your tests, examinations, or courses.

  • Card payments are processed using the payment processor Stripe.
  • You can set the price for people to access your content.
  • Multiple currencies supported.
  • Add special offer pricing using coupons.
  • We don't charge any set-up or transaction fees.

What is a sell landing page?

A sell page is a web landing screen that enables you to showcase your quiz content and provides a payment gateway for people to buy your tests, exams, or courses.

The sell page can also be referred to as a payment page or sales landing screen. The page sits at the start of your quiz and people cannot view your FlexiQuiz content until payment is successfully processed through Stripe.

The page can be customized and include information such as a description of your quiz, reasons to buy, terms of use, and the necessary purchase or buy now button.

Here is an image of an example selling page. You can fully customize the look and feel to reflect your product and brand.

example flexiquiz page to sell your quizzes

This guide shows you how to add a sell page to your quizzes.

How to add a selling page

  1. Create your quiz, test, course, or examination in the usual way.
  2. On the Configure screen, select Sell from the left-hand menu.

    This opens the sell configuration page for you to set pricing and provide key information to customers.

    Configure sell page screen
  3. Check the box Charge for quiz access.

    The selling page is instantly added to your quiz, and people cannot access your test until the payment is successfully processed through Stripe.

    You can tick and untick this box at any time.

  4. Link your Stripe account to the quiz
    • Press Create/Connect and log into your Stripe account.
    • Once the accounts are successfully connected, a message will show on the FlexiQuiz screen.
  5. Choose for the selling page to be in Live or Test mode.

    Live: Buyers can purchase access to your quiz. When anyone attempts to purchase your examination, the payment is processed through Stripe.

    Test: This mode enables you to test the full customer experience from buying to taking your quiz. Anyone with access to your selling page can choose to purchase the test. However, payments are not processed by Stripe, and you won't make any money.

    Top tip! We recommend that you test the whole customer experience before marketing your quiz. When you're ready to sell your quizzes, don't forget to set the test to the live mode to process payments.

  6. Choose the price and currency to accept payments.

    These are the currencies and minimum payments:

    1 USD

    100 Rupees

    10 Rand

    1 Canadian Dollar

    1 GBP

    1 Euro

    1 Australian Dollar

    1 New Zealand Dollar

    Important! Each selling page can only accept one currency.

  7. Enter a description of your product; this can include an overview of your quiz, key terms, and a reason to buy.

    You can add the text in any language.

  8. Format the text, for example:
    • Font size.
    • Font style: FlexiQuiz offers a choice of nine styles; Enterprise members can also use Google fonts - contact us for more information.
    • Add bullet points and more.
  9. Enter text for the purchase button. For example, you can change Purchase to Buy now, Compra Ahora, or checkout.
  10. To add a coupon that gives your customers a discount on your standard pricing, follow these steps:
    • Enter the final discounted price for the quiz.
    • Enter a code for the buyer to type in on your sales page.
    • To add multiple codes, press Add code. How to add coupons
  11. Choose any additional styling and customization options:
  12. Publish your quiz in the usual way.
  13. Test the end to end customer experience.

    Important! Ensure the selling page is on test mode if you want to test the experience and not charge.

  14. Share or market your quiz, test, or course.

Important! Make sure the mode is change to Live so that card payments are debited before people access your quizzes.

You can track how many people have purchased your quiz using the data available through Stripe or on your Analyze screen.

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