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Removing the FlexiQuiz brand from your quizzes

With a Premium or Enterprise account, you can remove FlexiQuiz branding from tests, so there is nothing to distract respondents from your brand theme.

This guide shows you everywhere that the FlexiQuiz brand appears in the test-taker journey. Plus, how the branding can be removed or hidden based on your account type.

How to remove FlexiQuiz from the footer

The 'Powered by FlexiQuiz' link appears on the bottom of all pages, such as welcome, registration, and quiz.

powered by flexiquiz at bottom of quiz

You will need a Premium or Enterprise plan to remove the FlexiQuiz footer.

  1. Create a quiz or open an existing test.
  2. Go to the Configure/ General screen.
  3. Un-tick the box named FlexiQuiz Link box to change quiz branding

The 'Powered by FlexiQuiz' link is instantly removed from the bottom of all pages on this quiz. If you downgrade to the free plan in the future the link is automatically added back to your quizzes.

Respondent portals

The Respondent portal allows test-takers to log in with a unique username and password to complete and manage assigned tests, exams, and quizzes.

The Respondent portal contains a FlexiQuiz logo and welcome to FlexiQuiz message.

Enterprise Admins can remove the FlexiQuiz branding from all Respondent portals associated to their account.

  1. Choose Settings from the menu at the top.
  2. Select General from the left-hand menu.
  3. Untick the box Display FlexiQuiz branding. box to change test-taker account branding

Learn more about customizing the Respondent portal.

Email notifications

It is impossible to remove the FlexiQuiz messages from email notifications as the emails are coming from us. It's important recipients know who is sending them an email and have the options to opt-out of receiving further communications.

However, to help test-takers recognize that emails are coming from you, it's possible to customize the subject line and the name of the bottom of all emails.

quiz maker name displayed at bottom of email notifications

Enterprise customers can also send all emails from their own SMTP server. This allows Enterprise customers to send FlexiQuiz notifications automatically from their own account with no FlexiQuiz branding.

Enterprise customers can set up their SMTP server on the Settings/ Emails screen.

Quiz and Respondent account URLs

It's not possible to remove FlexiQuiz from the quiz link URL. However, you can customize the end part of the URL to make it more user friendly.

If you have a Premium or Enterprise plan, you can embed the quiz and Respondent portals within your web pages. This allows you to share your email address for test takers to view your FlexiQuiz content.

Plus, you can customize the colors and fonts of your quiz to match your website branding.

Learn more about embedding a quiz or Respondent portal.

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