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Adding background images to your quizzes

The look and feel of your quiz is important as it can reinforce your brand and create a strong visual identity for your courses or examinations. FlexiQuiz offers a background image feature that you can use to show pictures, icons or logos as a backdrop to your quiz.

Images can be added to the background on the quiz, purchase, welcome, thank you or results pages.

There are 3 image layout options:

  • Tile - repeats your image to match the height and width of your page, similar to a mosaic.
  • Fit - adjusts your image to fit the size of the page with the aspect ratios fixed. This could mean that the whole image is not shown.
  • Fill - adjusts your picture to fill the page and the aspect ratios are not fixed. The whole image will be shown although it could be slightly distorted.

How the images could look:

Create a quiz with a background image. Example of tile format Example of a fit background image Example of a fill background image

This guide will show you how to add background images to your FlexiQuiz test, course or assessment.

How to add a background image

The background image feature is available on the Premium and Enterprise plans.

  • Create a quiz
  • Go to the Configure tab and select Theme from the left-hand menu
  • Scroll down the page to the Background image section
  • Tick the box next to the page where you want to display an image
  • From the drop-down menu, select the display format - tile, fit or fill
  • Upload your image by pressing browse and selecting a JPEG or PNG file
How to upload a background image

Top tip! You may need to allow a couple of minutes for the image to upload and the page to refresh. Once the image has uploaded a thumbnail of the picture will be displayed.

  • To see how the image will look in your online quiz, just press preview. You can continue to change the image format to meet the design requirements for your quiz.

Images can be used for quizzes that are shared on tablets and mobiles. However, we suggest you consider the type of image that you use and how it will look on a small screen.

You can also change the colors of the buttons and fonts to fit with the background image theme.

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