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Add background colors to your quizzes

Color is a wonderful way to set the tone and mood for your online quizzes or examinations.

With FlexiQuiz, you can change the colors for many elements of your quiz to reflect your branding and subject. So whether you're looking to create a neon 80's trivia quiz or a formal aptitude test, FlexiQuiz can help you create beautiful and professional quizzes.

This guide shows you how to change background colors on various sections of your quiz pages.

How to change background colors

  1. Create a quiz
  2. Go to the Configure tab and select Theme from the left-hand menu
  3. Choose which section of the FlexiQuiz page that you'd like to update with your new color scheme. The page is split into the following sections:
    • Background
    • Sides
    • Header
    • Footer
    • Logo banner

    This image shows you where each section is on the FlexiQuiz page.

    FlexiQuiz page split into sections that can be colored
  4. Pick and add your colors. You have a choice of three ways to select the perfect color.
    • Type your HEX code directly into the colors box
    • You can choose from our range of basic colors by pressing the down arrow
    • Create a blended color using our advanced setting color chart. The chart can be accessed by pressing the down arrow and selecting the advanced tab
    FlexiQuiz color chart on the Themes screen

    FlexiQuiz will instantly apply your color scheme to all pages on your quiz, including the welcome, questions, results, payment, registration, and thank you screens.

  5. To view how your new color scheme looks within the quiz, press Preview on the page's top right.

    Top tip! Don't forget you can also update other online quiz elements to ensure test-takers can easily read the questions, and your quiz looks good. You can edit the colors for the timer, navigation buttons, and fonts on all pages or email notifications.

  6. Finish configuring and publish your online examination

Enterprise members can also access CSS code and custom HTML rules to change additional parts of the quiz, such as the PDF of results and option boxes.

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