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Maximizing quiz attempts

With FlexiQuiz you can manage the number of times students view and attempt your quiz, test or assessment. This helps enhance the security of your questions and minimize the ability for students to keep re-taking your quiz to get a better score.

This guide shows you how to configure the FlexiQuiz settings to help you, the quiz maker, maximize the number of times people access your content.

How it works

The FlexiQuiz test maker software identifies unique people based on the tracking and sharing variables that you set - these are described below. We allow quiz takers to access your content based on the rules you've set. Access is blocked when the maximum number of quiz attempts is reached.

Quiz takers will be shown a Retry button on the results page if they're allowed multiple quiz attempts. Once they've reached the maximum number of quiz attempts, the button will no longer be visible.

Top tip! If the quiz maker has not set up 'allow and continue later' and if the participant exits the quiz before they submit answers this will count as 1 attempt.

How to set the number of times people can take your quiz

By default, multiple responses are turned off and participants will not be shown a retry button at the end of your quiz.

  1. Create your quiz, test or exam.
  2. Go to the Configure tab and select General from the left-hand menu.
  3. Scroll down the page to Maximize quiz attempts and enter the number of times that you want to allow people to take your test. how to maximize the number of times people take your quiz
  4. Apply tracking and sharing options:
    • Browser attempts tracker
    • Email invite
    • Use quiz link
    • Assign to a Respondent account
  5. Finish configuring your quiz and then publish it.

You can view the number of times people have taken your quiz from the Analyze tab. Go to the individual summary table and configure the columns to include attempts. Or, press select action and choose previous attempts from the drop-down menu.

This diagram shows you how to configure the view for maximum quiz attempts on the Analyze tab.

table to show number of quiz attempts

Tracking and sharing options

These options enable you to set how the FlexiQuiz software will identify your quiz takers and let them take your quiz the correct number of times.

The browser attempts tracker - this will identify a unique IP address. However, several students could use the same IP address and students could change their IP address to access your quiz again.

Email invite - you can send a quiz invitation and any reminders direct from your FlexiQuiz account to selected participants. Each quiz taker will get a different URL to access your quiz - the unique URL enables us to track when your quiz is viewed and completed.

Use quiz link - you can copy the quiz link to share your FlexiQuiz content with anyone. If quiz takers change devices or locations the Browser attempts tracker may not identify if they are the same person. We would recommend adding a registration page with a unique field such as a surname or employee ID. Quiz takers will need to complete the registration page to access your quiz content - if one of the fields is unique they will only be able to access the test once and retry the quiz the set number of times as per your rules.

Assign to a Respondent account - quiz takers log into their FlexiQuiz account to access their quiz content. Respondents have the flexibility to retry the assessments whenever they want, or until the quiz maker closes the test. This is unlike the registration page where participants need to retry the quiz straight away.

how quiz takers retake a quiz

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