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Sending quizzes via email invitations

The email invitation option lets you send customized email invitations for your quizzes, send follow-up reminders and track who has responded.

You can send customized email invitations directly from your FlexiQuiz account with a unique link for learners to access your quiz. If you have an Enterprise or Enterprise+ plan, you can also send emails from your email address using our SMTP integration.

How to send an email invitation for a new quiz

Follow these steps to send email invitations if the quiz status is in design. Email invitations will be sent when you publish the quiz.

  1. To start, log into your FlexiQuiz account and create a classic quiz.
  2. Next, select the Publish tab, where you can view all options for sharing your FlexiQuiz content.
  3. Now tick the box Send Email Invites.
  4. If you want to add a registration page to the start of the quiz, tick the box Register for quiz. You can customize what information you want to collect by pressing the green Customize Registration button. From here, you can request various data, such as location, staff ID, department and more.
  5. Now add the email addresses where you want to send invitations in the Email to list box. You need to separate emails by a new line or ; the list. Box to enter email address for sending a quiz you make with FlexiQuiz
  6. To customize the content for the Invites email, enter your text in the Email subject and Email message boxes. Your text can be in any language. box showing an email inviting users to take quiz
  7. When you are ready to send your email, click Publish Quiz at the top of the page. The email is sent to everyone in your Email to list. You can also schedule the email to send on a certain date and time using our quiz schedule feature – see below for more information.
  8. To check the list of email recipients, simply refresh the page. You can now view the date the email was sent and whether the test-taker has started or completed the quiz.

How to send an email invitation for an existing quiz

Follow these steps to send an email invitation if the quiz status is open or closed.

  1. To start, log into your FlexiQuiz account, access an existing quiz and go to the Publish tab.
  2. If the quiz status is closed, press Re-open Quiz to change the status to open.
  3. Next, tick the Send Email Invites box.
  4. If you want to add a registration page to the start of the quiz, tick the box Register for quiz. You can customize the information you want to collect by pressing the green Customize Registration button. You can select which data you want to collect or ask for a passcode.
  5. Now press the green Add emails button. A window will pop up that allows you to enter the email addresses of test takers. Don’t forget to separate each email with a ; or add each email address to a new line. place to add extra emails when sharing an invitation for learners to take your quiz
  6. Once you have added all of the emails, click Send emails. A message will pop up that confirms the email invitations have been sent. Your email address list will now include the date and time that the email was sent.

How to schedule sending an email invitation

You can schedule the email invitations to be sent automatically at a later date and time. However, the schedule feature is only available if the quiz status is in design.

  1. Create a quiz and go to the Publish tab. It's important that you do not open the quiz.
  2. Next, tick the box Send Email Invites and enter the email address for all quiz takers in the Email to list.
  3. You can also add a registration page and customize the text on the email invitation.
  4. Now select the Configure tab and General from the left-hand menu.
  5. Scroll down the page to Schedule and tick the box.
  6. Finally, enter the dates and times when you would like the quiz to open and close. Place to schedule when your quiz opens and closes

The quiz will open on the date set on the schedule and the system will send an email invitation. Most users receive their invitation within minutes but please allow up to an hour from the scheduled time.

How to track responses

Your Publish screen saves a list of email invitations with the date sent and the users' quiz progress.

Definitions of each status:

Not Started: The quiz-taker has been sent an invitation but has yet to start the quiz.

Not Submitted: The quiz-taker has started the test but has yet to submit it.

Submitted: The test-taker has submitted the quiz at least once and the results are available on your analyze dashboard.

list of people invited to take quiz and their current status

You can also track the progress of email invitations on the Analyze screen. Click Include unsubmitted quizzes to view users who were sent an email invitation but still need to submit their current response.

How to remind people to take the quiz

Sometimes, people need reminders to complete their online test, or you might want to share some extra information.

With FlexiQuiz, you can automatically send an email reminder if quiz-takers have not submitted their quiz after a set number of days. Learn more about automated reminders.

Alternatively, you can manually follow up with quiz-takers at any time by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Publish screen and make sure the quiz is open. Then scroll down to the Send Email Invites section.
  2. The FlexiQuiz system will send the email displayed on the Reminders tab. To customize the text, go to the Reminders tab and add your text to the email subject and message.
  3. Now go to your email list and tick the box next to every email where you want to send a reminder.
  4. To send the email, press Send Reminders. A confirmation will pop up to say that the emails have been successfully sent. Your Date sent list does not include the date for sending the reminder.

How to remove a user

You can delete users from your email invitation list at any time.

If you delete an email address, the quiz taker cannot access your content and the system will instantly delete any submitted responses.

To delete an email, follow these steps:

  1. From the Publish tab, scroll down to the Email address list.
  2. Now, tick the box next to every email that you want to delete.
  3. When you are ready to delete the emails, click the Delete button. A warning message will pop up to confirm that all data will be deleted.
  4. Press Delete to confirm that you want to delete the email address and all data.

Frequently asked questions:

What happens if the user does not receive the invitation?

Please allow up to one hour for the user to receive the email.

If they still have not received their invitation, they need to check their junk or spam folders. If they cannot locate their invitation, you can contact us for further information.

You can also share the unique quiz link contained within the email invitation. To access the link, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Analyze screen and press the toggle Include unsubmitted quizzes.
  2. Now find the user and click select action. Analyze quiz results screen with drop down menu for quiz URL
  3. Select respondent access URL from the drop-down menu. A window pops up with a unique URL. Copy the URL and press Ok to close the window.
  4. You can share this unique URL with your learner's to access the quiz. This URL is the same link as on their email invitation, preventing duplication of information.

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