Help / Create a landing page to sell a group of quizzes

Creating a landing page to sell your group of quizzes

You can add a custom selling page that allows users to buy access to your group of quizzes or training courses.

Once the payment is successfully processed, buyers are automatically set up with a Respondent portal to access your quizzes.

Users are given a username and must provide a password to access their Respondent account dashboard.

Users can take the quizzes showing on their dashboard in any order, or you can create a learning path so that they take the quizzes in a set sequence.

This guide shows you how to create a selling page and customize the new user's pop-up.

How to build and customize a selling group landing page

  1. To start, you need to create a group. From your main dashboard, select Groups on the top header.
  2. Press the blue Add group button.
  3. The group profile screen appears. You can add a name for the group, assign users and quizzes.
  4. Groups profile page
  5. Select the Sell tab.
  6. Tick the box Charge for access.
  7. Checkbox to sell a group of quizzes
  8. To view what the page looks like, copy and paste the Direct Sell URL into your browser.

    Top tip! People will not be able to access your group of quizzes until your Stripe account is linked and they complete payment.

    By default, the landing page is in test mode; Stripe will not process any payments. We recommend that you keep the page on test mode until you have tested the end to end journey.

  9. Link your Stripe account.
  10. Set a price for your group - amount and currency.
  11. Box to add the price for selling your course
  12. Configure the text on your purchase page by going to the purchase page text box and entering your text in almost any language. We recommend including the following information on your sales landing page:
    • List of quizzes included in the group.
    • Reasons to buy your group of quizzes.
    • How they can access the tests and maximum quiz attempts.
  13. You have the option to change the purchase button text by adding your own wording.
  14. Configure the registration pop-up.
    • FlexiQuiz will automatically generate a username for the customer
    • You have the option to request an email address
    • Customers must provide a secure password so that they can log in to their FlexiQuiz account and access your course
    Placeholder to change text on test-taker registration page
  15. View the landing page and trial the customer experience with the Stripe account on Test mode
  16. Change the mode from Test to Live
  17. Once you are ready for people to buy your course, share the direct sell URL with your customers

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