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A beginner's guide on how to make money selling quizzes

By Joanna, FlexiQuiz.
3 minute read.

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We're living in a world where remote learning is becoming more popular and prominent than ever. That shows no signs of slowing down soon. So, whether you're an educator creating tests for your students, a business ensuring that your employees are up to speed on the latest practices, or just someone who loves creating quizzes for their social circles, you can actually start making extra money by selling your quizzes or courses.

Because remote learning and online test-taking continue to become the norm, creating unique, appealing, and informative tests and quizzes can be a great way to make money.

Plus it's much easier to set up than you might think when you use FlexiQuiz.

The process of creating quizzes

Before you start making money from your tests and quizzes, you have to actually start creating some!

You can create a quiz or course easily through FlexiQuiz, thanks to an intuitive user interface that is easy for everyone to use. You don't need to download any special software or know any type of coding to create beautiful, smart-looking quizzes and tests that will entice your audience.

As you create your quiz, you can choose from many features such as different question types, uploading supporting documentation, and providing feedback immediately or at the end of the test.

How to make money from your quizzes

Once you've completed a quiz, you have the option of adding a payment page (if you have a Premium or Enterprise subscription with FlexiQuiz).

Adding a payment page is easy once you've configured your quiz. You simply have to go to the Configuration tab, select "Sell," and select your requirements for selling your tests or quizzes. That will include things like setting your price, limiting the number of times your quiz can be taken, any terms of sale, discount codes, and any test packages. You can set any price you want for your quizzes. But, depending on where you're located, there is a minimum amount. Broken down by country, those amounts are:

  • 1 USD
  • 100 Rupees
  • 10 Rand
  • 1 Canadian Dollar
  • 1 GBP
  • 1 Euro
  • 1 New Zealand Dollar
  • 1 Australian Dollar
example flexiquiz payment page

You will need to connect a Stripe account to your quiz or test to charge your test takers and to get paid. Before anyone can take your test, they will be met with a page that requires them to pay by card via Stripe. It only takes a few minutes to complete payment and isn't an inconvenience that should keep anyone from moving forward with your quiz.

Promoting your quizzes

You can promote your quizzes anywhere, as much as you would like.

If your quiz is designed to educate, inform, or entertain people, promoting it on your website or social media platforms can be a great way to make money as more people take it.

If you really want to promote your tests and gain more attention, you can offer special discount codes. If you have a social media following, try offering codes to the first 100 people to respond to a post. Or, do a random drawing of ten people to receive a code. It's a great way to generate some buzz around your quiz and get more people interested.

A good rule of thumb is not to over-charge on your quizzes. Think about what you would be willing to pay, based on the content of the test, how long it is, and how many people are taking it. It can be better to market your quizzes to multiple people and build up your profits that way, rather than over-charging for a few select individuals who want to take it.

Yes, it's possible to make money selling quizzes. Focus on quality content and subjects that people are interested in. When done correctly, you can actually earn a nice bit of extra cash from your quizzes and continue to make more as the funds continue to roll in.